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Goodbye Dallas Burn, Hello...


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The Dallas Burn will unveil their new identity tomorrow, and according to the Dallas Morning News, the new name will be...

FC Dallas.

That's it.

It brings the team identity in line with the traditional European-style identities, but this is pretty unique for America. (Although DC United is a European-style name also). But even the European teams with such names often have UNOFFICIAL nicknames (Arsenal: "the Gunners," etc.) All in all, I don't like this new name change all that much, although I'll withhold final judgement until I see the logo.

Here is the Morning News article ( http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dw...e.6997a796.html )

Burn to be known as FC Dallas next year

12:12 AM CDT on Thursday, August 12, 2004

By STEVE DAVIS / The Dallas Morning News

The Dallas Burn is out.

FC Dallas is in ? or it will be pretty soon.

The local pro soccer outfit becomes the team formerly known as the Dallas Burn upon completion of the current season.

Major League Soccer and Dallas Burn sources have confirmed that the 9-year-old club's new name will be FC Dallas. The complete image makeover, including a new logo and team colors, will be unveiled at 6:30 tonight during a ceremony at the Westin Stonebriar Resort in Frisco.

FC is a throwback of sorts, a reference to traditional "Football Clubs" around the world such as FC Barcelona, Manchester United Football Club or FC Bayern Munich.

Burn general manager Greg Elliott has been mum on the name and logo change but indicated the team sought something more traditional, a moniker that said "soccer."

The change includes new uniforms, but because the team will switch athletic suppliers from Atletica, the remodeled jersey design must wait until later this year.

The makeover is all about next year's move into the 20,000-seat Collin County stadium ? called the Frisco Sports & Entertainment Center for now, pending its own title-sponsor driven name change.

"We needed to reintroduce our brand to the marketplace," Elliott said. "We need to retell our story, who we are, what league we play in. ... We need a name that when people heard it, there was no doubt they know who we are."

Elliott said the announcement's peculiar timing ? the club has 10 matches remaining and will continue to play as the Burn this season ? is about launching a timely marketing push toward the Frisco move.

As the team sells potentially lucrative sponsorships, season tickets, etc., Elliott said, "We didn't want to refer to a brand name that no longer exists."

Major League Soccer's San Jose club attempted a similar re-branding in 2000, hoping to invigorate a dwindling attendance. The San Jose Clash averaged 14,860 fans per contest between 1996-99. After the change, the San Jose Earthquakes averaged 10,994 over the next four seasons.

Elliott compared the San Jose adventure to a new coat of paint on the same old house. He said the local club's plans are far more comprehensive.

Hunt Sports Group, the club's ownership outfit, is not attempting to distance itself from nine years of growth and planting soccer roots, Elliott said. He said the current management group recognizes the hustle and earnest effort of previous regimes.

That's why several former Burn players, previous GMs Billy Hicks and Andy Swift, and even several former Dallas Tornado players will be at the Westin tonight.

"The name and the legacy can live on without the actual mark being on the uniform," Elliott said.

E-mail stevedavis@dallasnewscom

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I now am really gonna miss those urologist matches between the Kansas City Wiz(ards) and the Dallas Burn. Bring back the Dallas Tornado!!!

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Good grief, I hoped this wouldn't happen. "F.C. Dallas" is defintiely the wrong way to go. Trying to be something you're not is is what this all about. Trying to sound like a European club that's been around for a century when this is very AMERICAN team that hasn't even been around for a decade. Yeah, when I think 'Dallas', I think Euro-style football, hooligans and Guinness, and calling a field a pitch.

Plus, the whole incongruity of a team being called "FC" for "Football Club", when it is located in AMERICA, where the game is called soccer. Hell, even the league name is "Major League Soccer", not "Major League Football".

The idea of this as a "Club"? Please. Like most professional sports team in America, this is a FRANCHISE, owned by a wealthy individual.

All the goofy singular names in the MLS were bad (Mutiny, Clash, Wiz and of course Dallas Burn). And the idea of "D.C. United", as a copycat of European sounding names was a step in the wrong direction, but even so, that name was not TOO bad; it made some sense as Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States, etc.

But "F.C. Dallas"? That's just lame.

First, Chivas USA (marketing one franchise to an ethnic group), now this. The MLS is going nowhere, except to the halls of irrelevancy, like roller-hockey leagues and third rate indoor football leagues.


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Seems to me the last time Lamar Hunt started a "football" club in Dallas, he ended up packing 'em up for Kansas City within two years despite, arguably, having a much better team than the cross-town competition.

To me it is simply asinine and vainglorious for a guy to give a soccer team in Dallas a name that includes the word "Football," when he knows or should know damn good and well that this isn't going to sit right with the Cowboys organization. Did he not learn his lesson not to piss off the Cowboys in 1962 when they were still a ragtag band of castoffs trying to get their act together?

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To me it is simply asinine and vaingloriousfor a guy to give a soccer team in Dallas a name that includes the word "Football,"

That's a pretty cromulent word you got there, Yale.

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I think ya'll are missing the point. First of all, FC Dallas is alot better than the Dallas Burn. Also, we have a very large hispanic community, that might relate better to the FC Dallas moniker(although I think it should be Dallas FC). I personally think that it is the right move. Why is it so bad that they are trying to do something that might give the team and the league a more international flavor? It can't hurt!

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To me it is simply asinine and vaingloriousfor a guy to give a soccer team in Dallas a name that includes the word "Football,"

That's a pretty cromulent word you got there, Yale.

I'd say it was transcrulescent

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"To me it is simply asinine and vainglorious for a guy to give a soccer team in Dallas a name that includes the word 'Football.'"

"That's a pretty cromulent word you got there, Yale."

"I'd say it was transcrulescent."

Transcrulescent, like maybe the Charlotte Bobcats' new uniforms, hmmmm? Keep throwing those $2 words around like manhole covers around here.

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