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Chris Creamer Football Team

Nick 1733

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Alright, this was done with hockey a while ago and I thought it'd be cool to do it with football. However I thought I'd take it one step further.

Post the following information:

Your jersey # (collegiate rules, any # for any position)

Your position

The following is optional:

Name (Use an alias if you want)

Height and Weight (I did to show I'd fit in the position I picked)

We'll see how the team is when all is said and done.

The official (LOL) Chris Creamer Football Team.

Here's a template to make your jersey. (I used the font Indubitably size 90 back and 95 front #'s and size 18 for nameplate) You may use whatever font you wish. And even if you want, make a different jersey.

Chris Creamer Football Uniform Template

And here is mine


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Your jersey #: 14

Your position: Free Safety

Name: Robb Benhoff

Height and Weight: 6'2 186

Take it a bit farther:

Helmet: Schutt

Facemask: 2-Bar RB

Visor: Mirrored (ala Sean Taylor)

Gloves: Team Color

Long Sleeves: Team Color

Elbow: Black Wrist Bands

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Name: He Like Me :P (naw, just kidding...Brendan Wagner)

Height and Weight: 5'8", 160 lbs.

Jersey #: 23

Position: Cornerback

Helmet: Riddell

Facemask: 3-Bar RB

Visor: Black

Gloves: Team Color & White

Long Sleeves: None. I'm from Saskatchewan. I can handle almost any weather.

Elbow: Those strips of tape for when on AstroTurf, thin sweatbands just above elbows for everywhere else.

...and here's my slightly different jersey (I used Copperplate Bold)


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Your jersey: 57

Your position (I'll be the first, since I played in HS and College) Left Guard

Name: Pat Cummings

Height and Weight: 6' 250lbs or roughly what...110kg? (how close was i???)

Helmet: Riddell

Facemask: Linebacker with the U on the top

Visor: bah...visors are for wussy skill players

Gloves: See above

Long Sleeves: yet again...see above. Never have worn sleeves

Elbow: haha...I was a lineman...can you honestly imagine me wearing any of this crap???


Black Johnny U style cleats

On a side note while we're talking about football....the Illinois HS rankings came out and my HS is number 2 in 3A (third from the bottom, Tolono Unity if you want to look and you live in IL.) I don't think since halfway through my senior year 4 years ago we haven't been ranked!

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Sure only 7 players so far--and my numbers been picked already!

Oh well I'm not big enough for football--well, except my head! :D

Just to be Canadian-I'll be a slot back #62-

Jersey possibly to come...

(I never did make the hockey one)

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Well judging by what I thought would be. Most people (those who played anyway) picked the position they played.

I chose RB because that's the position I played best. With our small school, I got to play many positions, QB, RB, FB, DT & DE (my Sophmore year when i was 6'0" 265), TE, WR, LB, S, K & P. I wasn't too good at safety. I was also the hardest to tackle and had the strongest arm on the team. Yea, our team was really sad (I think they only won 6 games total the four years I was there).

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straight on or soccer style?

I used to mess around before practice...I could nail extra points (I was a linemen so that IS an accomplishment!) and I hit 45 yarders twice. I was straight on and it was off a box...so I guess I shouldn't really be bragging about it at all...

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Kevin Joseph, #75 (My usual number is 9, but it seems silly to wear that and not be a kicker or QB)

6'5", 280

That'd put me somewhere on the line, no? I never played.

But, hey, to complete the roster illusion: 9th year out of Northeast Missouri State

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Name: Will Morris

Number: 60

Position: RT/NT (Read that as right tackle on offense and nose guard on defense (my HS ran a 44 - I was a 1-technique tackle))

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 300 lbs

Helmet: Schutt

Facemask - full cage

Visors - none

Gloves - none

Sleeves - none

Elbows - none

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Throughout my years of football I managed to start at Quarterback, Right Guard, Middle Linebacker, Outside Linebacker, Defensive End, Tight End and Wide Receiver. It was a pretty fun experience, playing all those positions, I regret quitting. I loved the game.

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