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Official Competition Announcement

Nick 1733

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Official Announcement

This is the official first announcement for my new competition.

The name has been decided and most of the rules and details have been sorted out as well. I'll announce the name and what you'll be competing for with the 1000th post.

The competition will commense exactly at my 1000th post which now will most likely be before my 21st birthday (October 11th).

It will last anywhere from 4-6 months. There will be ten teams of three, maybe four depending upon how many are interested. So basically the first 29 (because I'm in on this too) to say they want in, are in. (Then if there are ten more that want in, the first ten from then on will be accepted.)

Teams will be chosen randomly.

I must get AT LEAST ten people with Illustrator or Freehand in order to run the competition, because each team must have at least one member with either Illustrator or Freehand.

I'll start accepting entrants now. So that way teams will be ready to go when it officially begins.

So sign up NOW and hurry!!!

Will a mod please "sticky" this for me?

So I'll update the entrants here:

1. skater20na

2. aussie

3. tarheeltider

4. chapi

5. DawgPacPBH

6. pollux

7. fuzzlewigg

8. stimpy

9. AstroBull21

10. joshuamings

11. Against All Odds

12. Braden

13. mjrbaseball

14. GameCock82

15. motor city squire

16. habsfan9

17. Joey

18. phillyfan36























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I'll be one of the guys w/ paint!

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So you're going to give us a name or something and then we design a logo for whatever?


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I'm hoping to get the likes of SyPhi, Sterling84, joel_fiasco, Mockba, winters in buffalo and others like them to be the team "leaders". Seeing as they are the designers considered "seasoned vertrans" on the borads. *note- didn't mention Nitro because I really didn't think he'd be interested.

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If you want a commitment from me to be available for several months starting a month or two from now? I don't think I can commit to that much this far in advance.

Make it worth my while, and I'll consider it. Promises that I'll like it from people I've never met don't mean much. :)

Not to sound too harsh. I think it's very cool that you got it cleared by the boss first. It's a commitment I just can't make yet.

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Count me in !! ^_^

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