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Hamilton Tiger-Cats


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Year 2004 is coming to towards the end and if I can choose this years top new sports identites I would give gold to Corpus Christi Hooks, and silver would go to TiCats. Fenomenal job, still loks the same but it's so nice, so good looking, font is superb, everything is great. Someone mentioned funky head, that's because it has small squinted eyes, but for me is A+. And one their web site you can have all logos in vector.

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The Lions & Riders can keep their colours--but new logos--although the Lions should burn those black pants--or add stripes to them.

Word around the campfire is that BC is either toning down or eliminating the silver from the package...and going back to white helmets.

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I'm not a Tigercats fan, but I gotta say, these updates are a welcomed sight. I really like these.

I wonder how the unis are going to look.

I'm thinking a yellow and black version of the Bengals

Oh you just had to go there didnt you...

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Well, I'm as far away from a Ti-Cats fan as you can get, I suppose. That said though, I can't stand any team having to play in bad uniforms (even is they are the enemy). This lnew look for Hamilton looks pretty good, in my opinion, but I will agree the wordmark does need some work. It's nay bad, but not all that good either. Still an improvement, though.

Me likes. Me likes very much.


Thanks go to Eddie010 for the Signature and Avatar. Nice work, mate!

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In case U missed it, there are three good quick=time movies on the site as well...

two short ones showing off the logo changes, one with the evolution of the tiger, the other just showing a change from one to the other...

the third, "tunnel walk," is a nicely inspirational vid listing all the cats' Grey Cups and looks like something they show before kickoff at the stadium.


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I tried the hew logo on a helmet in Madden several ways (Surprised?)--as I hadn't seen any official word on that.

1-same as 2004 season--no stripe

2-previous design-1 yellow stripe

3-yellow stripe with smaller white stripes outside it

4-yellow helmet (as they once had-with awhite & black stripes)

#2 looked worst.

#3 0r 4 would be best in a way--but #1 was pretty good too

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i think the helmet should be all black with the cat on it. the massillon washington tigers (paul browns high school team that he coached way back when) have a cute tiger mascot on an all black helmet and it looks awesome, not to mention one of the most storied high school football histories ever. so sleek and simple is the helmet that i dare say it is one of the best high school helmets ever.

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I was noticing that the Tiger Cats are using three different fonts in different iterations of their logo. Is using this many font common? I have always been a two-font-limit type of person.

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