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Interesting IHOP Commercial Observation


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but i do like eating at IHOP  ^_^

ewww thats disgusting

Heck no! IHOP has the best pancakes I have ever had!

Disclaimer: If this comment is about an NBA uniform from 2017-2018 or later, do not constitute a lack of acknowledgement of the corporate logo to mean anything other than "the corporate logo is terrible and makes the uniform significantly worse."



POTD (Shared)

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Walker Bros. is better than IHOP

Is there another Walker Bros. chain? There are lots in Chicagoland. As far as IHOP, I had their migas once. Once. This is the most basic, delicious recipe and they made barf out of it. I switched to Denny's. Moons over My-Hammy. A classic in name and taste.

Mighty Ducks jerseys? Haven't seen the ad.

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One of the chains of this sort has closed a lot of locations around here, I believe their business declined due to poor service--but their waffles were first rate...

Comic Sans walks into a bar, and the bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve your type here."

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