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Canada Gold Colour Change


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I heard on TSN Sportscentre tonight that Canada is going to be changing the silver border around its leaf logo to Gold on all international jerseys to honour the fact that Canada holds all 6 major international hockey titles.

Sounds interesting. :flagcanada:



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Sounds arrogant


This doesn't sound like something Canada would do... But it is hockey!

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arrogant to some maybe.... but still who would even really notice the change... theres a thin line of silver around the front logo that doesnt exactly stand out on tv or in print... im sure if the change went to gold no one would really notice... its not like they are making the logo gold or adding think gold stripes... its a small barely noticible line around the logo

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I don't think it's that arrogant either....when you're the reigning Olympic, World, World Jr., and World Cup champs, you can do whatever you want :lol:

I see it as something like when a country adds a star above their Soccer Federation badge or right above the striping on the sleeves after winning the World Cup.


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I think it would be a cool idea from a design standpoint as long as the gold colour is used to replace the silver/grey on all of the logos they use on Team Canada's jerseys and as long as it is kept as an accent colour and not incorporated into the striping/patterns of jerseys.

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Not arrogant--but celebratory..


MLB, NBA, and NFL champions being called World Champions...

arrogant? yeah... it is... like it or not, it is.

and if the tables were turned, and this was the USA doing it, i'm sure there would be riots in the streets of sarnia about how evil and arrogant the USA is.

and about world champions...... i generally see MLB champs being called world SERIES champions... the NBA really does use the term "world champions"... but the NFL? who's going to play against them? i'd say if i invented a sport, played it in the backyard with my friends, and won a little tournament of it, i'd be world champion. why? because no one else plays the sport.

who's going to challenge the patriots for the world champion title? the rough riders? :) no other country even plays american football, so i'd say world champions is acceptable there.

but why was that topic even brought up? defense mechanism to attack "american" arrogance, over canadas "look at me, we're good at hockey" uniform changes?

canadian goalies with gold medals on their masks, and gold stitching on team canada jerseys... that's the equivalent of eddie belfour replacing the eagles on his mask with stanley cups for the 99-2000 season, and the dallas stars changing their shoulder logos to silver texas shapes, even though team colors are green, black, and gold... celebratory changes would be SELLING those jerseys to fans. celebratory is having a championship parade, or wearing golded uniforms to charity events or something.

but to wear gold on the uniforms during the next tournament? when you start a tournament, you aren't the champions, even if you won it the last time. to wear gold in celebration of winning something last year is just rubbing it in, imo.

and sorry to pile on, and look anti-canadian, when i really really like the country of canada, and agree with it on a lot of political issues, i've got one more gripe about team canada's uniforms.

why do they have so many colors?

canada is red and white. not silver. not gold. not black. red and white. unless it's some age old tradition to wear a different color, like blue for italy, you shouldn't wear colors that aren't in your flag. white is acceptable to add, if your flag doesn't have white... but hell, even sweden got by with only using the colors in their flag, and all they've got is blue and yellow :) if red and white is enough to make arsenal, the red wings, liverpool, the arizona cardinals, the old soviets, and many many other teams look great, why does canada feel the need to introduce a whole rainbow of additional colors? especially those with the sole intention of saying "we're better at hockey than your country. ain't it grand?"

sorry for that rant, but it's been building up for a while :) canada's a great country, but most the canadians i know hate the USA for being too arrogant... yet when it comes to hockey, they're terrible winners, themselves.

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I don't mind the black. I can see where red and white could be boring.

However, those outlines should be white, plain and simple. Shouldn't even be silver.

Gold looks ugly. Silver looks okay. White would be good.

Gold...yeah...a bit arrogant, but I can't say I have that big of a problem with it. We'll get em next time.

As for the World Champions thing...

The only league that doesn't work in is the NHL, and I don't think anybody uses that.

In the NBA, I think it is used sometimes, but that's okay. Despite the pathetic olympic effort, there is little doubt that the best players usually come from the States (at least NA), and even less doubt that the best players in the world (from all over even) play in the NBA. Thus, World Champions is fitting.

In the MLB, a case COULD be made that Japan could challenge or something, but once again, the best players play in the MLB (this time I'm not gonna claim they all come from NA, just that they play here).

In the NFL, first of the arguements above work, second off, Cole hit the nail on the head. It's the only real league of American Style football.

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I think it's just marketing, not arrogance.

It's a shame though that they'd consider changing what is finally THEE definative look for Canada hockey. Why can't we be like Sweden and keep this jersey for good?

BTW im a world champion Slinner in my backyard :lol:


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