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Charlotte bobcats


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This just in from ESPN.com:


Owner Bob Johnson chooses Bobcats nickname


Associated Press

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte's NBA expansion team will be called the "Bobcats,'' a nod to the owner who spent $300 million for the franchise, The Associated Press has learned.

Bob Johnson selected Bobcats over "Flight'' and "Dragons,'' a source familiar with the process told the AP on Monday on condition of anonymity.

The dominant color in uniforms and logos will be orange and official team apparel will be in stores Wednesday afternoon, the source said.

An official announcement is planned for Wednesday, when city leaders plan to join Johnson and NBA commissioner David Stern in a downtown street festival to unveil the name, mascot and logos.

Chris Weiller, a spokesman for the new NBA team, would not confirm or deny that Johnson has picked Bobcats as the name.

In picking Bobcats, Johnson gets to see his own name used and continues the feline theme established by Charlotte's other pro team, the NFL's Panthers.

Bobcats was one of three finalists for the team name, whittled down from a list of nearly 1,200 suggestions the team received from the community. Johnson's group used several focus groups and spent nearly $100,000 researching the names and their trademark status and designing possible logos.

Team officials cut the list about 10 names, then matched them with potential colors, graphic designs and mascots.

Chicago's NVU Productions was hired to help develop the logos.

Reaction was lukewarm -- at best -- when the finalists were announced last month. But the same thing happened in 1987 when owner George Shinn was naming his Charlotte NBA team.

Originally "Spirit'' was selected, but Shinn changed it to Hornets, a name that traced its roots to the Revolutionary War.

That name -- and its lovable purple and teal mascot "Hugo the Hornet'' -- eventually caught on and then moved on with the franchise to New Orleans.

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Damn, you just beat me to it, Pantone! I hate being scooped...


You and I seem to be in a minority on this board as far as hoops go, so it makes sense that you and I find this story first!

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i was waitin for this story to come out today, and right when i have to make a quick errand it already gets posted, i was ready to be on top of this one too, BLAST. Bobcats would have been my choice too, i am a lil biased, it is the name for my fantasy football team, but i like that name anyways.

:| josh

twitter_zps93c9c8f9.png @josh_j12 smbelt_zps438edf04.png

CFA- Fargo Bobcats

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Anyone want to speculate as to the additional colors the Bobcats might be using?

I'm guessing Orange, Gold, Black and White.

And no - I haven't heard a thing, nor have I ANY inside information whatsoever.

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well let's hope these bobcats do better on the court than the last known pros that called themselves bobcats (AFL's Florida, contracted before last season) did on the turf.  those guys sucked and had bad uniforms.


A strong mind gets high off success, a weak mind gets high off bull🤬

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While none of the three finalists exactly rocked my world, Charlotte Bobcats was my least favorite of the three. I would have ranked them (1) Charlotte Dragons, (2) Charlotte Flight and (Off the Boards Awful) Charlotte Bobcats.

This has to be one of the - if not THE - most underwhelming major professional team identity choice to come down the pike in quite some time. Charlotte Bobcats sounds like a junior high school moniker for crying out loud.

Twelve-hundred initial suggestions, several focus groups and $100,000, and this is the best that team management and NVU Productions could come up with?

It's time to head back to the drawing board folks!

Brian in Boston

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I heard black was going to be a dominant color, so i would be suprised if that wasnt in there.  Id say they need another light color, im seeing metallic gold, but probably will be silver.

Then we'd have a netherlands type scheme, very unique, id love it.

I really dislike this name however.  But it was the best of the three.  

(whew, again the dragons moniker fails)

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I see them going for a look of the Buccaneers.  Orange, Black and Red.  

Something along the lines of the new Bucs jersey with the orange numbers.  Actually will look pretty good if done correctly.

Silver is my second guess with Black and Orange.  Just not too much.

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I see nothing wrong with orange, black and white.  I see no need for a third non-white color.  Oregon State and Oklahoma State have had some very nice uniforms using these colors on the basketball court.  Now I just hope that the Bobcats stay away from goofy, cartoony logos and extreme fonts for lettering and numbers.
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Charlotte story confirming black silver and 4th color (yes i must ask you to look up at my prediction...for my ego of course)

or if youd rather:

"The team's color scheme will include orange, black and silver, as well as a fourth color, one source said."

And of course, scooped by pantone. But hey, who better to be scooped by then the man of color. Or as they say in canada, the man of colour...silly canucks

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