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Giambi apologized for... what?


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Giambi: I'm sorry!

Reporter: For what?

Giambi: For making fun of Fiasco's unibrow, for alleging that puckguy loves asian porn, for blasting Taco in the locker room, for conspiring with the IHA to steal logos, for calling ntiroseed a fembot......

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Giambi: I'm sorry.

Reporter: What for?

Giambi: I don't know. My wife just said I should apologize.

Reporter: Does your wife know what you're sorry for?

Giambi: She said that if I have to ask, then she's not going to tell me.


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I liked Giambi when he was on the A's. Still do, but I don't admit to it since hes one of them now (Yankees). The only Yankees I've ever actually admitted to being my favorite players (and still are) are Tino Martinez and Paul ONeill.

Anyways, I think its more of not wanting to spark more steroids talk. Its kind of hard for me to put into words, but I see where they were going with it. It would have been a lot better if he just came out and said "I did steriods, and I apologize...."etc.

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Surely the "I'm sorry for... what?" will be an usual joke in some 2005 sitcoms...! :D

I'm waiting some dialogue between characters from "According To Jim":

"I'm sorry!"

"Don't be a Giambi here!"


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Giambi - I am terribly, deeply sorry for what I've done. I feel like I've let down so many people. The fans. The team. I really regret everything and I want to say I'm deeply truly sorry.

Reporter - Is all of that a lie?

Giambi - Oh, I'll go one step further and call it a blatant, bold-faced lie.


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The whole thing reminds me of Pete Rose. For years, everyone said if Pete just admitted he bet on baseball all would be forgiven. Then the same people that said that were ready to crucify him once he did admit betting on baseball.

Giambi didn't have to mention steroids. Everyone one in that room knew exactly what he was talking about. The mans reputation was ruined before he ever stepped in the room. It's sounds more like everyone wanted him to further humiliate himself than apologize.

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