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Fantasy Team - MLB in Portland


What would be the best name for a Portland MLB team?  

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Actually, I have no idea.

Y'see, with the Beavers, I have a color set and some logos.

But the name is INCREDIBLY stupid.

I mean, the Beaver is a CANADIAN animal! :flagcanada:

And although the Lumberjacks was my preference, I haven't been able to find the concept on the board yet.

So, it's still very up in the air.

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I think you should go with "Oregon Pioneers". The end of the Oregon Trail was Oregon City just south of Portland and I think the fan base would support the team with a historical reference.

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I'll keep collecting votes for this poll, but I've already got possible uniforms and colors for the Beavers (using the PCL identity) and the Lumberjacks (using the Bangor Lumberjacks from the CanAm league).

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