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Rockets Concept


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Personally, i think the Houston Rockets new stuff sucks. Better than the cartoon era, yes, but not up to par. This is what I believe they should have, still keeping the simple effect but with more flavor, if i may toot my own horn. The wordmark was made strictly using the rectangle and pathfinder tools (in illustrator):


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The logos nice, but the blast effect looks like a maple leaf.

And the jerseys are okay, but I'm not a big fan of em. The jersey stripe should either be flipped and connect with the shorts, or the shorts stripe should be flipped and start at the bottom of the shorts. As it is, the discontinuity looks odd.

Good ideas though.

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As much as their logo was a cop-out, I really like their new jerseys. As for these... they almost seem too generic--the wordmark doesn't stand out, the logo doesn't have much going on, and the are relatively plain (especially given some of your other work). I think you missed the mark with this one, I'm afraid; not quite up to par with the craftsmanship I've seen out of you before (even if they're not all my style).

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Fantastic. Yes, they are a little "plain" but that is fine with me. AAO is showing some versatility with this set. I heard some saying before how his concepts, while outstanding, were beginning to all look alike. Well this one goes a different direction, and I am impressed.


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Its simple and I like that. I like this style better than your other.

The blast resembles a maple leaf at first glance.

I might be picky, but I don't think a number of rockets would be launched at the same time. I'm seeing missles because of that.

I know the font's custom, but I dunno, I'm not feelign it. Maybe thickening it a bit would help.

Good work departing from your norm. Its good to push ourselves with things that we don't like or wouldn't normally do. Only makes you better. Versitlity is key in the design world.

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I liked the 5 Rockets thing.

To me, that said "basketball team".

hey this guy got it. 5 rockets representing 5 players on the court, just like the 10 streaks in the Blazers' logo represents the 10 players on the court.

thanks for the comments guys. i did want to step off my norm and do this concept as the rockets' dont work well with the usual style of more complicated logos, as we saw with the cartoon era identity they had. but the images of the actual rockets were rendered based on pictures of real rockets, not missiles, though they can look like missiles a bit.

I say leave the Maple Leaf blast off as a subliminal message in tribute to the CCSLC.

haha sure why not

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