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Mountain Dew logos


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Okay, so I noticed recently that Mountain Dew has changed their logo...again. It doesn't seem like THAT long ago that they changed it for the 3rd time, which makes it something like 4 different logos in the past 15 or so years.

? to around 1997?


1997 to 1999?


1999 to 2004


And I can't find a pic of the new logo, but it's on the Mountain Dew website.

I was just curious as to if anybody else noticed this, for some reason I've always taken a liking to the logo design of commercial products.

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it's funny..i am a teen, and i am drinking a code red as i speak. you're right about the teens and 20-somethings wanting something new. and i like all the new logos too. strange thing, my code red has the old logo on it, hope its not expired.

i like all the falvors, execept baha blast, it's terrible!! :P

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Sierra mist tastes like somebody dipped their ass into my sprite. Mountain dew is okay, but I've lost my flavor for it. Code Red is still pretty sweet, I miss Surge though. Surge was the plop! I'm all about cherry coke, sprite, and root bear, along with the occassional code red.

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You can make all the sleek, dynamic, Xtreme logos you want, the stuff is still called "Mountain Dew."

WTF kind of name for a drink is that? What was going on in the marketing meeting when they rolled this stuff out? I realize there comes a point in a products life cycle where the name becomes representative of the product and not the literal, but...

Maybe that's why they need cutting edge logos.

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