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Jersey i.d.


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I would have done it right logo is who you cheer for... but i guess ill slide my seventeen11 logo in there

good idea though... im working on it right now

GDB... Brothers from other Mothers


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Here mine... i should have included a larger version of my shoulder patch... its actually the tatoo im ginna get with eth colours changed...  its in memory of my cousin who was 1 month older than me, who was like another bro really... i actually like this design i may switch my rebels to this look...

Gmac Jersey

GDB... Brothers from other Mothers


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The big center logo (of your choice) could be the logo of the business you work for, or the school you attend. If it's your business, then maybe the shoulder choice logo could be where you went to school.

(I'm at work now, but I will make mine when I get home and have access to graphics programs.)


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My jersey can be seen by clicking here.

The design is just a basic one that's always kicking around my mind.  The colors, well, it seems like most of the teams from this region use red and black.  I tweaked the red to match the color in the crest, which is my namesake.

The flags do not represent the country I'm from (I'm in the USA) rather they represent my heritage.  The alt logo on the left chest (which really should be on the right chest, IMHO) is the shoulder logo for the Portland Winter Hawks of the WHL.  And finally, the number is not my age, but it works just as well.  :;):

Template courtesy of Roger Clemente, resources courtesy Roger Clemente and Frylock.  Winter Hawks logo courtesy Portland Winter Hawks, Frylock image courtesy http://www.athf.com/ and flags courtesy of two forgotten URLs.


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Personal Jersey

Crest Logo - This Particular "Skull & Bones" logo has been adopted as my personal logo. I have used it for 6 months. Before this i had no designated personal logo.

Logo Patch 1 - This logo is a tattoo i have designed. It is a stylized letter "Q", with an ancient Roman gladius through it, surrounded by a laural wreath. I am somewhat of a historical enthusiast, with ancient Rome being my main focus of study.

Logo Patch 2 - This is my country of origin flag. It is the American flag logo that was used by the Chicago White Sox during the 1918 season.

Team Patches - I couldn't just put one team on the jersey. So i put, in order of my level of fanaticisim, my favorite teams: The New Jersey Devils, the New York Giants, the New York Jets, and the New York Yankees.

Extras - Now i'm 22 years old, thus the number 22, although my personal number is 75. On the lower right of the back of the jersey, i put a small patch. It has "JQK", my initials, and "8.25.81", my birthday, embroidered on it.

Stay Tuned Sports Podcast

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my id


The most prominent two colors of the jersey itself (not including numbers or logos) is red and white, the colors of my camp.  Also the black and gold stripes are for the city i live in, which if you can't guess is the only city where every major sports team uses black and gold.  The main logo is the logo of my lacrosse team, with the penguins and steelers logos on the jersey as well.  I did something new too.  The right sleeve number is height and the left sleeve number is weight.

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I might actually do this, though I may bend the rules a bit.

JQK- First of all, don't take this the wrong way, but I was thinking that you were older than 22.  Anyway, that's one heck of a tat design.  Do you have a picture of the actual inkwork?  (I have a couple myself, I'm always interested in the artwork that people have chosen to put on their bodies in a permanent way.)

Buy some t-shirts and stuff at KJ Shop!

KJ BrandedBehance portfolio


POTD 2013-08-22

On 7/14/2012 at 2:20 AM, tajmccall said:

When it comes to style, ya'll really should listen to Kev.

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here's mine, its not much, but it works...


now the explanations...

Crest- obviously is the logo for my website, GMSCreations.tk....check it out if you never have, it's been a long time since an update

Chest- is the logo of my favorite team the (world champion)Tampa Bay Buccaneers :)

Shoulders- the american flag since i was born and raised in the US of A, and the University of Virginia logo, which is the college i am planning on entering/hoping im accepted to.

Rear Neck Line- the logo for my CFA fantasy team the Erie Edge...

thats it, hopefully i didnt forget anything, tell me what you think

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crest- my high skool logo (couldnt think of anything else)

chest patch- devils, my fav team

shoulders- i put the american flag on one to show my patriotism and on the other i put italy and ireland's flag to show my decent

number 15 for my age

i also choose those colors bc they are my fav - dark blue and dark powder blue

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Hey guys,

I've never posted here, but I loved this idea too much and had to give it a shot.


The colors (blue and yellow) are my favorite colors and my school colors. I added the red, because every logo I wanted to use contained it. Not exactly what I would have wanted, but it looks alright.

The crest is not my original artwork, sadly. But it does fit my username.

The logo on the chest represents my favorite team, the Phillies, as well as the liberty bell representing the whole city of Philadelphia where I'm from. Maybe I'll feature the logo in a Phillies concept in the future.

The U.S. flag is on the right shoulder, obviously.

The left shoulder features the logo of my school, the University of Delaware, where I'm a Comp. Sci. major.

Overall, not the most innovative jersey, but I don't think I did too bad a job.

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Colors are San Jose Sharks teal, San Francisco Giants orange, San Francisco 49ers red, and since all three teams use black I used it to tie it all together.

the logo is a graphic depiction I made myself of the Golden Gate Bridge with the letters SHB below it. I go there a lot at night to reflect, let off steam and whatnot. I wanted to make a shark swimming below the bridge but I got impatient trying to make it look right

I have my three teams (sharks, giants, 49ers) all on the jersey and the logos are arranged in a triangle to form my "holy trinity"

Left shoulder is obviously the USA flag, and the right shoulder is the mexican flag

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OK here is my shot.....


Copy and Paste

Jersey: Avalanche style, i was a fan of the Nords so naturally i rooted for them when they moved.

Crest Logo: Shawnee Heights High School Thunderbirds

Shoulder Logos: USA, and My first sports team the 1985 World Series Champions!

Favorite Team: Kansas City Chiefs, if I see them win the big one I can die a happy man.

Back Bottom Logos: Shark has the "Holy Trinity" I have the "Un-Holy Defunct Trinity". Kansas City Blades (first Hockey Game), Topeka Scarecrows (former home town team), Kansas City Scouts (3 time Stanley Cup Champs....well would have been.).

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Wow, some of these are really cool. SHB, I like that SHB you used as the main crest. Probably more than your 'creative visions' logo. Very nice. Well done. I might have to jump into the fray.
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