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Shaun Alexander Named 2005 NFL MVP


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Well Brady boy-you got ten first place votes. Still think you're being "disrespected?" <_<

Congrats to Shaun Alexander, he had a monster year.

(and please use this to demand even more money out of Seattle before next year) :P

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This is great considering that in the past Seattle has had their share a good running backs in their day. Remember Curt Warner? Chris Warren ring a bell?

Shaun Alexander is another great back that Seattle has produced. But, remember this, hotshot: That MVP award ain't going to mean jack if you don't bring back Super Bowl MVP honors.

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Yeah! Tom Brady is so great! Yep, he sure is. That's why Matt Hasselbeck has a higher QB rating.

That's your trash talk? :blink:

If Brady didn't play this year, the Pats would have been lucky to win 5 games.

If Alexander didn't play this year, the Seahawks would probably still win the NFC West, and by virtue of leaf13's ballwashing of Hasselbeck, would be favored to win the Super Bowl.

If Manning didn't play this year, the Colts probably would have finished second behind Jacksonville, possibly a wild card.

Most outstanding player: Shaun Alexander

Most valuable player: Tom Brady.

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First off, well earned by Shaun Alexander, definatly amazing.

2nd off, I think the voting shows a great order of the MVP status, They votes given were deserving, and the most deserving won. Peyton was great, brady was great, tiki was great, carson was great. But I think that shaun was just a level above, any other year and any one could have won.

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Most outstanding player:  Shaun Alexander

Most valuable player:  Tom Brady.

As much as I hate to admit it, this is probably right. I hate the Golden Boy as much as anyone, but he was all the Pats had this year.

If it were "Best Player in 2005", I'd give it to Alexander. Touchdown record, rushing title, home-field adv. But Brady was more valuable than Shauny.

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