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best minor league look


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I love the traditional look and colors of the Harrisburg Senators...

I heard they were adopting the Washington Nationals' colors and possibly a new logo for this coming season.

http://www.sportslogos.net.com/~asgsport/images4/Harrisburg_06.gif (New 2006 Logo)

http://www.easternleague.com/teams.htm (Eastern League Site)

*Changes not made on their official site yet.

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I agree with MmmHuha420 and Astrobull21. Both Myrtle Beach and Clearwater have terriffic looks. I think that Clearwater does with the gradient (well sort of) look what the D rays were trying to do, except Clearwater makes it look decent, and Myrtle Beach looks awesome with that old school like striping.

Threshers site

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There was an article in my local paper a few years back that was sports writers ranking the all logos in hockey. From the NHL all the way down to jr.

The best ranked non NHL logo was the Hamilton Bulldogs, they were ranked #2 over all only behind the Detroit Red Wings.

I have to agree, the Bulldogs are very professional looking.

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Logos: A Tie

494.jpg and


I've got the black one!

I went to the AHL All-Star Games in '03 and '05 and I've gotta tell ya the Bridgeport Sound Tigers dark jerseys are some of the coolest also. We were sitting with some people from Bridgeport at the '05 game and that shade of blue is real real sharp.

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