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NY Rangers Concepts


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I based the concepts on their alternate jersey. I used the bottom template striping the Flames use on their current jerseys. I like their alternate but they seem a bit unfished with no bottom striping. I also used the shoulder patch logo as the primary, which i like as a modernization of their current primary not used on there uniforms. I moved the statue of liberty logo to the shoulder as an alternate logo. I also made a red alternate using the statue of liberty logo as the primary and the shield logo as the shoulder logo.









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Wow, those are beautiful. I can't find anything to nitpick about. I'm not too hot on the modernized shield, but that's not your fault.

Here's a moded version of the modernized shield I made. Feel free to try it out


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ah, to be able to critique a Rangers concept and not need to throw in an obligatory Eric Lindros joke... :D

heh, I don't mind that there's nothing at the bottom of the Liberty jerseys, but I like these. the red one would be in my closet ASAP B)


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I really hate the modern shield. If it was the traditional one I could see where this would work. 5.7/10.

Being a Rangers fan as well as a hardcore traditionalist I was not optimistic when I saw "NY Rangers Concepts" but these look really good. I agree that the old shield would look better but other than that it's very nice work.






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I hate the Rangers.

Nice C&C bro <_<

Sheesh, I hate the Futile Fishsticks from Broke-@$$ Nassau County with every fiber in my being, but if someone put up a concept for em, I'd give my honest take on how it looked.


As for these jerseys...not bad. Like infrared, I'm quite the traditionalist when it comes to the Blueshirts (then again, I do have the mid 70s John Ferguson inspired jersey they brought back as a Vintage)...these aren't too bad. Heck, even the red looks good.

Maybe that modified shield logodawg added would work out just as well..


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I hate the Rangers.

Lots of people do. What does that have to do with his concept?

That said, as much as I hate the Rangers, I do like their look - specifically the way they don't put a crest on their sweaters and go with just the lettering. No one else really does that (although the Penguins tried on their roads a few years back). If they had to change, I could definitely see them going this way. I'd also hate to see another team trade royal blue for navy blue, an epidemic that's already reached critical mass in sports (see: Brewers, Rams, Islanders, Edmonton Oilers; the list goes on...).

2 things to consider:

1. The crest you used doesn't appear to be intended for anything bigger than shoulder use. The quirky notch at the top of the shield is minimized when small and off to the side, but it looks bad when blown up and used in the middle of the sweater. Logodawg's redesign is ideal if this is the way you want to go - the shield's symmetrical and balanced.

2. Red alternates look nice, but what Rangers fan is going to wear the principal color of their archrivals from the Meadowlands?

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