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Detroit Tigers Champions Logo!


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This is my take on the Tigers run to the World Series! If they win, it will be updated to WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!!!! :shocked:

Enjoy all you Tiger faithful!

C&C Please

EDIT: Made a few changes! See post below for details.....

Version 1


Version 2


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Too big for the forum, but yes, great for a t-shirt!


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remove the heavy navy outline on "detroit tigers" and remove the tiger stripes around the home plate, the rest looks solid. oh and i agree, add the year somewhere, maybe in place of the "detroit tigers" you could drop the mlb logo in and flank 2006 on each side, we already know who the team is by the big "D" logo. all in all nice work.

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Wow, I clicked on this a minute ago, got caught up in NCAA 06 and looked back at it...and I thought "What is this doing here?"...I knew it was in the Concepts forum, but I thought someone had misplaced the post for the real ALCS Champs logo!



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nice. really.

i like the tiger stripes, but i'd remove them from the top. It looks like something is wrong with the border around the D in Detroit.

And yes, the Tigers logo D needs to be fixed and 2006 shoul dbe on there somewhere, but that's about it Very solid.

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By the way what font is that???

The font is a freeware font called Agency, although this is a heavily modified version. You can pick it up from any freeware font site.

Fix the 'D' and you're go to go.


What do you mean by fix??? Instead of using the Old English D from the hats, I used the one from the jersey. I have always liked the one on the jersey more for some reason, so that's what I used. But for the sake of democracy, I included one with the "hat" D....

Also, I replaced "Detroit Tigers" with "2006" and changed it up a bit...

Let me know what you think.....


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I love it.

The D you are using on v1 is the primary logo and would be used on the champions logo.

A few little things I would change, would be to make the top smoothly rounded and square off the vertical outlines around the 2 and 6 to give a more balanced look.

Save the slugalo.

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