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Several uniform concepts, and an introduction...


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some of you may know me from other forums i've visited, and some of you may have seen all of these uniform concepts from me before... but since this is my first post ever on THIS forum, i decided to share a couple of my more popular concepts on here, as part of my introduction :)

my name is cole, and i'm a dallas stars fan, living just south of dallas... i'm a college student, and i'm semi-obsessed with sports uniforms... whenever i get any extra cash, i waste it on a hockey jersey, usually... and one of my hobbies is sports uniform design.

here is a BIG collection of uniforms i've done before... i hope i didn't kill the visibility of some of them when i shrunk them down... ANY feedback would be GREATLY appreciated :)

you've gotta copy and paste the link for it to work


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wow... thats one way to introduce yourself... that lightning concept is amazing the logo is meh... but the jersey itself is solid... The bobcats... forget purple and orange that looks great... the football ones are good, not a fan of the miami one but still solid... so may i be the first to say welcome and i cant wait to see your more of your stuff... and I agree jerseys are an excellent way to blow money... lol
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Here are my opinions on your concepts...

Lightning: Nice concept. The logo looks a bit Minor-leagueish, and maybe try a new font for the numbers. I love the use of Navy and Royal blues.

Bobcats: Also very nice, but it would require a complete overhaul of their identity. Perhaps try it with their current identity, replace Orange with the Brown and Blue with the Black, Black with the Beige, and use their current font for the name & numbers. I dunno. Solid concept disregarding their current identity though.

Stars: I LOVE THIS JERSEY!!! Nothing needs to be changed.

Thrashers: I'm iffy on this jersey. I liked the use of the Navy in their current 3rds (although I hate the one shoulder thing). The striping I find too complicated too. It may be hard though using those colours. Despite all this I still think it's good.

Chargers: Nice blending the throwback into their current unis. I'v always loved the mix of Baby and Navy blue. The helmet could use a bit more Baby blue, and the Blue jersey could use a Navy collar and a simple thick navy stripe on the sleeve.

Dolphins: Nope. I don't think you can change this to make it look good. The Orange underarms look bad. If you're gonna increase the orange, you have to use the navy properly for it not to clash with the Aqua. This unique idea may look alot better with another team's identity, just not the fish.

Rockets: Like it alot. Solid concept bringing back the old colours. On the away jerseys, switch the white with the yellow on the underarm striping.

Chiefs: I don't know what it is about this concept, but I like the design. But again, I think this may look better with another team. Why? The helmet/pant striping seem to look like swords to me. It just doesn't fit with the Chiefs identity. That's all.

Jaguars: Nope. Light brown should never be a predominant colour on an NFL team, ESPECIALLY with teal being a secondary one. Try reversing the two colours.

Overall, nice concepts. SOme I loved, some I didn't that much. The quality of your concepts are good. What program do you use to make them?

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i just use any old paint program... some were done with photoshop, others with picture publisher, etc...

any now, in my defense on some of these concepts:

i made the bobcats concept before it was even official that the name would be bobcats... when it was down to those 3 finalists, i said "bobcats sounds cool... lemme see what i can come up with for them." when i saw their REAL logo and colors, i almost vomitted :) how can a PROFESSIONAL design THAT?

dolphins one was made a long time ago... i never really loved it, but i figured why not show it on here.

chiefs.. that isn't a sword.. i was trying to get an arrowhead sorta feel for parts of it... i guess i failed :)

stars... thank you :) i made this one last season... i must say, to see my favorite team wearing the "mooterus" jersey as a third jersey... why couldn't they just wear MINE?

jaguars.... being a fan of the predators third jersey, i decided i'd rather use baby-poop gold as the primary color than TEAL... i AM a stars fan. teal is the root of all evil :)

i appreciate all the feedback so far... keep it coming, please :)

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I dig some of the stuff there, too. I agree with some of the last post's comments, especially some of the NFL jerseys. I don't know if they'd use any of them, but the Chargers.

But I put extra props on the Stars. Their current uni only looks good when their arms are stretched straight out. This one is classic and shows the colors complimenting eachother more.

I also like the Rockets logo. I see you took a little bit from the now-dead logo, but this ain't bad. I'd simplify the details of the rocket, however, to match the scale of the rest of it.

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I like the Rockets the best.  I would say to make the color of gold more of a metallic.  Also, the R on the logo needs to be an H.  The name is Houston Rockets.  The Rocket part of the name is represented by the Rocket picture.  The Houston part is missing.  That logo could be for any Rocket team.  Throw an H on there intead of the R and it says Houston.
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first off, welcome to the board...i'm sure you'll love it here, as i sure as hell do.

atlanta thrashers - quite nice.

lightning - not so much

chiefs - i really don't like the white shoulders, otherwise a solid concept.

chargers - as the kids say these days...."dope", or as sir mix-a-lot would say ... "swass", i like them alot.

bobcats - awesome uniform design, although i hate the colors

stars - i hate the team, but i would buy this jersey....and that says alot.

dolphins - no thank you, i never liked teal and the orange underarms say "i ran out of right guard"

jags - ouch, i see that color in my son's diaper every day.

rockets - very very nice....i would love to see the franchise in these.

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Well I guess I'm still the only guy alive who loves the Stars' 3rd jerseys, I just saw one in my local sports store and I'm gonna buy it....anyway your concept is sweet, nice use of the old North Stars jerseys with the new colors. The only thing I'd say is ditch the lace-up collar, those things should be reserved for the Rangers and are just a LITTLE over-used. I also like the Chargers concepts a lot, though I'm not sure they need the shouloder patch, might make the jersey a little crammed. Great stuff though, nice production.
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I totally agree with Joel. I hate the Stars, but my first reaction was "I want one of those". Actually, I liked all of them, especially the Chargers. Very, very nice work.

by the way, where are you from south of Dallas?... Just wondering.

i'm from a dinky little town, called waxahachie... close enough to dallas to have dallas television stations, and close enough that going to downtown dallas is not a chore, but far enough that i'm sorta living in the country, and i'm not in dallas county. i'm in ellis.

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also, forgot to mention, thanks for all the good comments... i'm going to see about maybe doing concepts for the saints or cowboys or someone soon... i'll be sure to post them.

and a big hello to all the people who recognize me from other boards :)

especially keith... the single best logo designer i've ever met. (although i'm not too fond of that canadiens thing with the fleur de lis :))

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The only thing I'd say is ditch the lace-up collar, those things should be reserved for the Rangers and are just a LITTLE over-used. I also like the Chargers concepts a lot, though I'm not sure they need the shouloder patch, might make the jersey a little crammed. Great stuff though, nice production.

the lace-up reserved for the rangers? most of the teams that use them have a right to do so. the leafs collar on the third is fine. the lace-ups on the ducks, wild, and avs thirds are fine because those jerseys whent with a classic look. im also fine with phoenix having a lace-up on one jersey because its unique. seeing as phoenix was the first team to do this, they should be the last. calgary needs to change their lace-up on their home. the bluejackets, islanders alt., and the thrasers alt. need to change. this dallas concept is fine with a lace-up because its a classic looking jersey. as for the chargers concep, i like the idea of combining baby blue and navy, but if this concept became reality then it would cheapen the throwbacks. if the chargers used this concept as their regular unis, then the once a year occasion that saw the baby blue throwbacks wouldnt be as special.

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