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Who to get on my Sabres Jersey?


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I'm getting a white sabres vintage jersey, and I'm wondering who to put on it.

My picks:

#2 Tim Horton

#11 Gilbert Perreault

#16 Pat LaFontaine

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You should pick one you have some association with and are familiar with, otherwise it's gonna be odd when someone asks why you have a "so and so" jersey, and your response is "Umm....cause, umm...cause he was great back in the day?".

Then again I had to try and explain once why I had a Daigneault jersey from when he played for Montreal, which involved trying to explain Game 6 of the 87 playoffs, which didn't even involve Montreal, and I'm not even a Canadiens fan. And, well, he was mediocre back in the day...

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I've got a white one I picked up on ebay, it's an actual replica from 1994, not the new "vintage ones. I've been debating who to get on it and I lean more towards the players I associated with growing up so my short list is:

Ramsey 5

Ruff 22

Ramsay 10 (Selke award winner)

Virta 3

Barrasso 30 (remeber he was the calder and vezina winner)

Playfair 27

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I'm wondering how many of these threads is too many.

I'm thinking the same thing. If you're going to spend the money to put someone's name and number on a jersey, then be an adult and make a decision on your own. Are you really going to leave that choice up to a bunch of people on an internet message board? I think it's just a round-a-bout way of showing off to everyone what jersey you got.

I choose Pat Lafontaine


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I'm wondering how many of these threads is too many.

Maybe they could all be combined into one "who to get on my jersey" thread?

That is a good idea.

I would go with either Martin #7, or Perrault #11

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I've got Pat LaFontaine on mine. My favourite player as a kid and one I respect in retirement as an adult.

But don't copy me. :P

If you want to be different, go for something like Danny Gare, Lindy Ruff, Craig Ramsey, or Daren Puppa. You could always go for Jim "Batman" Lorentz too.

Or Hasek.



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A friend of mine has the white vintage Tim Horton jersey, and I think that's awesome, but I'd go with either Lindy Ruff or my all time favourite Sabre, Mike Ramsey (that's the one I intend to eventually get.)


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I'm wondering how many of these threads is too many.

I'd say about 40.

One for each team, throw in a few for defunct teams and some internationals like USA & Canada and maybe the odd college or minor league.

They seem pretty popular based on responses and you sure don't need to read them if you know what's coming...

My first reaction was LaFontaine with the captain's "C". You've got all sorts of patch options, like the Sabres 25th Anniversary (the year he won the Masterton trophy), NHL 75th Anniversary (probably no "C") and Stanley Cup 100th Anniversary, his best offensive season of his career.



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