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How Did This Win?


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My Citys Mens soccer league was looking for a new logo and started a contest. The only two rule were you had to be a player and it had to be red and black. I lost the contest...which would have been OK if it had not been a bad logo I lost to.

Here are four of my designs followed by the one below which won. :mad:

what do you guys think?

OH...the one that won was design by a board members son.



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OH...the one that won was design by a board members son.

Figures, man. That guy prolly tipped the other guys off...

"If my son wins, then you'll never have to babysit him again." :P

Maybe I woulda picked him, too... Or not.


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Great designs, esepcially the bottom left one. It may have the least character out of the four, but if they were going for something devoid of anything directly referencing Calgary or Canada, it blows the "winning" entry out of the water...


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If i'm judging this contest, I se eyour entries, and realize we have a pro designer playing for us, and i call you up and get something made to our exact specifications.

You got hosed.

Sorry, dude.

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We live in a world of politics my man. It's not what you know, it's who you know. Connections will always beat out talent. It's a hard lesson to learn but it's the facts of life. It's too bad because those designs of yours are simple and they look great.

Looks like it was "designed" in Microsoft Word.  :blink:

How do you figure that?


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You could always resubmit a new version of one of your designs for the Calgary United Nepotisim Team and see how they like that... :cursing:



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