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Saintsfan Challenge Polls Thread


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As the standard for the Minnesota Wild challenge has been so good, we are gonna have a bracket to decide the winner, so we need some seedings, hence this thread. Vote on a 1,2,3 for your three faves,

The entries








http://boards.sportslogos.net/index.php?showtopic=5939 (the original thread as rem,ote linked only!)

Inthe end88

http://boards.sportslogos.net/index.php?showtopic=5939 (again no link given in post)









there you go all the entries!! (I hope!!) Voting for the seedings will close whenever I can log on during the week! (not before wednesday!) Top 8 only will go into the first round!!


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1. Vic

2. Astro

3 Cole

NCFA Sunset Beach Tech - Octopi




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Has anyone else noticed that saintsfan has been MIA for almost a month? He never wrapped up this challenge either.

I did a quick tally and came up with these results:

ColeDMD 20pts

Intheend88 19pts

WIB 13pts

vicfurth 8 pts

astrobull 8 pts

brassbonanza 3 pts

primal 2 pts

Should we wait for saintsfan's return, or do we declare Cole the winner?

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wasnt this the contest that we were going to do an original vote to set up seedings and then have like a playoff system type thingy.....does anyone else remember this?

Indeed, it was. The problem is... the top 8 were supposed to be seeded into a bracket, but we only had 7 that got votes.

We could set it up as a bracket system where 1 & 2 get a bye, 3 goes against 6 and 4 against 5, then the first round winners would face 1 & 2, and the winners of that would face each other. But, the thread is so old, and the voting is pretty clear.

I say we either declare Cole the winner, or have the top two face off in a poll. I haven't even checked to see if all the entries are still up.

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