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Vegas Expo's


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I was reading this article on how the Expos may actually end up in Vegas (my personal choice)


and I was thinking that would open the team name up to some more interesting options. I mean in Washington I would guarantee it would either be Nationals or Senators III. But Vegas makes for some interesting choices, my favorites being possibly the Las Vegas Scorpions, or maybe the Las Vegas Jacks although I bet it wouldn't be gambling related, HA I bet!

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Trust me, there's absolutely no way that the Expos will end up in Vegas.


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Unfortunately, keeping them in Montreal would be more in keeping with the Vegas Department of Tourism's latest campaign - "What happens here stays here".

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To the likely annoyance of Brian In Boston, I've chimed in on this on his previous thread on this topic. I've even written one of the principals of the ownership group with my suggestion: Las Vegas Aces!! Team colors, red, black & white. "Double down" the line & slide into 2nd, Baby!! The DC bid, which I wouldn't mind seeing,

Presidential Opening Day 1st Pitches & all, is dead in the water. The Las Vegas group has what MLB truly wants & loves: MASSIVE $$! IF, and it's a big one, the Las Vegas casinos agree to take baseball betting off their sports books, it could happen... :shocked: LAS VEGAS ACES NL WEST, oh YES!! Bet on it, gang!

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Yes it should be in Gen Discussion but the new board does not have the option to move whole threads, otherwise I would have.

I dont care where the Expo go anymore as long as it is resolved I am so tired of this debate every single friggen year just do it already.



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If they end up in Las Vegas and Tampa Bay relocates to Wahsington, I'd love to see the Majors move back to 4-divisions but keep the wild card:


Arizona Diamondbacks

Colorado Rockies

Houston Astros

Las Vegas Aces

Los Angeles Dodgers

San Diego Padres

San Francisco Giants


Atlanta Braves

Chicago Cubs

Cincinnati Reds

Florida Marlins

New York Mets

Philadelphia Phillies

Pittsburgh Pirates

St. Louis Cardinals


Anaheim Angels

Chicago White Sox

Kansas City Royals

Minnesota Twins

Oakland Athletics

Seattle Mariners

Texas Rangers


Baltimore Orioles

Boston Red Sox

Cleveland Indians

Detroit Tigers

Milwaukee Brewers

New York Yankees

Toronto Blue Jays

Washington Senators

Division winners are automatically in with home field advantage. NExt two records in the league gets the next two spots. Best overall record gets home field throughout. I think this would work even if the Devil Rays stay in Tampa Bay. IF the Expos stay on the east coast I think we could just move the Reds to the West.

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Trust me, there's absolutely no way that the Expos will end up in Vegas.

I completely disagree. Washington's not gonna happen with all the legal things, portland, yeah right, Northern VA, no. Vegas does have huge cash, an actual ownership group and tons of land to build the stadium. Plus in the article they talk about how even though you'd be able to bet on other games, Vegas sportsbooks don't allow betting on vegas teams.

And actually i put this thread here to try to get people to come up with designs for a Vegas team that don't use anything gambling related. Sorry no Aces, or Blackjacks, or Card Sharks. if MLB puts the team there I bet they'll find a name that is the furthest thing from gambling you can get.

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As a regular Vegas traveller, I would suggest the following names (lots of inside jokes for Vegas veterans):

Las Vegas Loose Slots

Las Vegas All-You-Can-Eats

Las Vegas Crazy Horse Twos

Las Vegas Yard-Long Margaritas

Las Vegas House (because the House always wins!)

Las Vegas Disobedient White Tigers

Las Vegas Zero Cultures

Las Vegas Swivelling Heads

Las Vegas Cocktails, Cocktails

Las Vegas All-Nude Revue

Las Vegas Sidewalk Escalators

Las Vegas All Fakes

Just some suggestions!

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