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2009 Stanley Cup Finals Logo


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It needs color in the ribbon and the NHL logo needs color. I know the NHL is black and silver, but in that logo it needs color. If they added orange to the ribbon and the NHL logo it'd be really nice. At least it no longer looks like clip art.

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Some argue (wikipedia!) that it's grammatically correct to have plural quarter-finals and semi-finals, but just one final. This feels awfully prescriptive; the descriptivist would surely argue that it's a best-of-seven series, so with more than one game, it's a finals, plural, and that's what everyone says anyways. Descriptivists might say "anyways" too, because people say that, but that's beside the point, which isn't even a good one in the first place. I think it should be "final" but I say "finals" when I don't think about it. Leave it to the Canadians to get it right, since they still hang on to colour and centre, bless their hearts.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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