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New Baseball Sig


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Baseball season is coming up and I have been working on a new signature. I want to post a couple to kind of see who would be interested in having one by the time Spring Training rolls around. It takes a little while to make the sig itself, and even longer if I haven't created the jersey yet, but I've got nothing but time. If I get enough interest, I will go ahead and make them. Here are some examples:





-I can do any jersey from any time period you like. If it is baseball, I can do it. This includes minor leagues and fantasy leagues. BP, pullover, vests, anything.

-If your team has the number on the front, specify what number you would like. If it doesn't matter what number goes on the front, I'll just put 33 (It's the number I put on all of my concepts)

-You may request as many as you like. I have all the time in the World to do these.

-If you have any special requests on colors or anything like that, make sure it is clear so I can understand what you are looking for. That way, you will get it as soon as possible.

-If you want me to include patches from a specific time period, let me know. Or if you want the current patches like the stadium ones for the Twins or Yankees, let me know.

-Thats it! I am looking forward to seeing what you guys are gonna get me to make. :)

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Are you planning to do over sports.

eventually I would like to do other sports. But I would have to create the jerseys myself just as I did with the baseball template, and I have been tweaking that one for months. I'll be sure to let everyone know when and if I cross over.

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As many New York Mets jerseys as you feel like doing with #99. Definitely would like a home snow white Mets #99 jersey, black home & grey road all #99.

I hope you don't mind doing them being a Braves fan. :) Thanks a lot!


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The font is called BatmanForeverAlternate. I don't remember where I got it, but when I was going through my fonts for this signature set, I thought it was perfect.



I am working on the other ones but they may not get posted tonight.

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