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Happy Birthday Morimoto!


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I would just like to wish a happy 21st birthday to our own Discrimihater.

For his out of the box thinking when it comes to his uniform designs, I have affecionately dubbed him "the Morimoto of jersey design".

If there is one thing about Discrim, its the fact that there are no rules in his work.

so Im saying :birthday: to our own Discrimihater

and as a gift from me to him, only the finest of cuisine would do :D


feliz cupleanos, amigo

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Only 21? Wow!

Well happy Birthday...

thanks guys...shark you shouldn't have :D

*leaves white castle on neighbor's porch, runs*

yeah, just 21-but i feel old, in a few ways. mainly in a knee;)


A strong mind gets high off success, a weak mind gets high off bull🤬

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