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Minnesota High School Hockey Jersey Database


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Was looking for some logos of my Highschool when I stumbled upon this sweet page.

For those not in the know, Minnesota's takes their High School Hockey quite seriously.

The jerseys detail, originality and quality show this nicely.

This guy has a great collection.


He also went around the second concourse of the Xcel Energy Center, which features most if not all highschool teams jersey's lined around the entire arena



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Hilarious Go rams, that is my old high school. I have the Yellow version of that and wear it religiously.

They changed it right after I left in 98 to the Capitals old screaming eagle, then most recently to arched college script, then Old English script diagonally down the front.

My favorite was always Cloquet for some reason. They are up in the Iron Range, so its fitting and sweet. Not sure if they still rock this, but did all through out my childhood.


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I admire the attempt to recycle the old Pens logo, but come on, that neck-bobbing eagle is PRICELESS!!! (**) (**) (**) (**) (**)

Wow. That jersey is from my wife's alma mater - Apple Valley H.S.

What a coin-ka-dink.

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Was looking through it and about to copy in the Cloquet jersey as an amazing find, but turns out you already did it lol, man I sure hope they stuck with that jersey, it'd be a shame if they didn't.

I went to Jefferson ('93, best team Minnesota ever saw), but I will agree that Cloquet is the best. Seeing Cloquet in the tournament was always awesome because of their jerseys. I also like the old school jersey of my dad's alma mater International Falls.


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Way to represent the Lake Conference in this thread guys.......Graduated from Eastview (aka the other Apple Valley school) in 03. IMO the best set of jerseys by a country mile is Edina. Also I think that it is interesting that a lot of the schools take their designs from the major college that is in the state. There are a lot of U-Mah "M"s in this state. I can think of three off the bat and those are Moorhead, Rochester Mayo and Minnetonka.

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Isn't this the team that the Ducks/Warriors played in D3?

It was.

It is however, a real school.


Fun fact about "Eden Hall," the school the Ducks went to.

It is a nice combination of Eden Prairie and Cretin Derham Hall, two of the most successful athletic programs in Minnesota High School.

Both are primarily known for their football, (and only CDH is a private school,) but the colors (red, yellow black) are a combination (EP- Red Black, CDH, Gold, Purple) as well.

Totally useless info, but whatever.

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Look at that, a C. Nice find.

Chaska always had the cheapest jerseys when I went to Apple Valley. It was fitting because they were basically the Northwestern of the Lake Conference. Terrible at everything.

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OK, I've been out of touch for awhile, but the current jersey for my alma mater, Fridley High School, threw me for a loop.


Apparently the Fridley hockey team is now called the Flyers, not the Tigers like all the other FHS teams. Googling "Fridley Flyers" for an explanation turned up exactly seven hits, all dead ends. More to my point, that Fridley Flyers logo... Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!? It's not quite in Buffaslug territory, but let's just say that if the Philadelphia Flyers ever used a logo like this, no doubt they would quickly be crucified by their own fan base, and rightly so. At least FHS didn't mess with the rest of the jersey much though, or the Tigers' black and gold color scheme. FWIW here's the "real" FHS logo; reverse it so it faces left, and substitute it for that... thing... on the jersey above, and that's pretty much what the Tigers' jerseys used to look like.


CCSLC signature.png

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the Devils have this set-up at the Rock, with all of New Jersey's high school hockey programs having their jerseys hung up all around the arena. It is very, very cool. Especially for a logo/jersey freak like me. I went super-early to my first game at the Rock just so i would be able to see all the uniforms...

Stay Tuned Sports Podcast

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I also know the guy who runs this website. He's doing some jerseys up for me as we speak.

Here's my old high school, Anoka, who are recycling the old Atlanta Flames logo



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