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Avs And Preds Concept


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meh im not a big fan of the avs one but the preds one is HUGE HUGE improvement. I like the striping and the numbers a lot.

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The Avs seems kind of plain and ordinary to me, but the Predators simply ROCKS! Nice work!



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I dont like the avs concept

the preds one is a solid design but Im not hot on the color. If thats what you want to roll with though, roll with it  :kungfu:

Actually, I have to disagree with Shark on the Avs one. Those Av's unis are nice!

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The Avalanche jerseys are beautiful! I'd love to see them make that their permanent jersey. Try switching the maroon and blue around on the Avs concept... and they could still use their current alternate uniforms.

I'm not a fan of the Predators one.


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I disagree with most of the crowd. I love the Avs concept. I like simple.

I'm not too big on the Preds, but that's mostly because I don't think the team gives you much to work with.

Nice work on the avs, though.

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Both jerseys are good - the Avs, however is a bit Dark for my taste - nice but has that Darth Vader feel to it. Could be good if Colorado wants to be the bad boys of the Western Conference. The Pred's jersey is sweet. Love your work there! :notworthy:

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