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First of all, let me apologize for the colors. I have them much much darker on the computer screen (and it showed up exactly like that on facebook)but when I put them into multiple image hosting sites they brightened up A LOT. If you can help at all that'd be great!

I started a wildcat/bobcat logo and decided to redesign my high school. Currently we use Kansas State's logo for mostly everything. So this is what I came up with! I surveyed a lot of people around the school and everybody preferred this layout of colors (I want to get rid of green) so I went with it). I also got a LOT of help with the mouth and eyes and that is what everyone liked. I think the areas that are going to be critiqued the most are: the silver outline (obviously on a helmet and etc. it'd just be the green. Right not it is mostly so it is uniform with the wordmark and for presentation), the mouth (I didn't want to get too detailed), and the relationship between the outer eye and the pupil.

Please help me out! I've put a lot of time into this one so hopefully it's close to done. Thanks


edit: here is a screen shot of the real colors. I could stand to lighten them up a bit maybe, but not as bright as they are abovewildcatcolortest.jpg

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Nice start! I have a couple suggestions, that may be worth taking a look at, maybe not.

I dont think you need the extra silver outline on the wildcat head, just the green and silver face is fine.

Next, I think you could add some detail to the eye. Just look at cat logos, and try and model your eye after something like that.

Final thing, while the font is good for a school sports team, I think you could be a bit more creative with it, just to see how it would look.

Nice work and keep going with this.

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I think this is a great start... agree with the other suggestions.

I think its the colors that give it the napster resemblance nothing you can do there. Nothing else about it makes me think napster.

I like the secondary logo... a different style font that isn't as simple may not work as well with the claw marks.

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Ok. this is very nice, but some easy changes to it would make it much better since it needs some changes.

-the outer most gray outline on the wildcats head should be sent behind the workmark. right now its separating the wordmark and the head too much.

- too much of the bottom of the word WILDCATS is hidden. i think the bottom of the L should be more visible. maybe once you move the gray head outline to the back it will be more visible. if not..just bring the word up a tad.

-the distribution of colors is off on the head. green teeth makes no sense. change the teeth and eyes to gray. then take the gray on the rest of the head and try making it green. if there is not enought contrast between the green and blue try altering the darkness on either the blue or green to make more contrast. the green outline will need to be changed then too once this is done.

those are just my thoughts and you may have your own better ideas to fix it that might be better, but it does need some color tweaks to work. but overall this has soo much potential. nice job

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ok thank you for all the suggestions.

-I fixed the wordmark/logo and brought the wildcat down.

-I changed the eyes to gray but that was really the only thing I could do. The face does not look very good when green. So I dont think there is enough green (though it is our 3rd color and we only use it on a few things) so many the distribution is off but I think it's as good as it's gonna get color wise

-I tried the E and I couldn't get that block look like the W. so I stuck with the W. and I've seen a W claw mark logo around the school though it's not used much.

-I added some claw marks to make it more "creative". It's the only thing I could think to do. I feel like I copied SigmaKappa though I didn't mean to! I had the same idea sorry! :D


sorry it's kinda small. its a direct screenshot of my computer because I cant get the colors to come out right

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Okay first things first, I'm not overly keen on totally symmetrical logos, it's just a personal thing, but it's a pretty good cat render so it's all good. I have to say I'm getting more house cat that Wildcat from it though. The face looks a little round I always picture lynx or other wildcats with slightly wider heads and I'd certainly make the texture on the fur start higher up the cheeks, I'd add one more step above what you have right now. Actually that would probably be enough to cure the head shape issue as well, right now he just looks to well groomed and seems to lack the ticker coat of a wildcat.

I'd also put the green back in the eyes, it makes sense with the creature and will also mean that your third colour is being used more constructively than just as an outline. You may want to add a grey highlight just to bring a little life to the eyes and making them green again would afford you that luxury, right now they are your highlight colour so you have no way to lift them at all right now. I'd also remove the second grey outline it really serves no purpose, finish the logo on the green outline thats more than enough outlines.

The wordmark, ok, I know it's a highschool and all but could the font choice be any less inspiring? Seriously a block font is that the best you could come up with? I know it's a sports logo, and block letters are associated with sports especially at school level but they dont exactly scream fast, agile, aggressive, or even feline do they? And surely these should be all the qualities you are trying to get across, they'd certainly be the ones I'd be trying to communicate through my font choice. You've added claw marks to it and there must be literally thousands of serif fonts out there (not being patronising serif fonts have the points at the ends of letters sans serif ones dont not everyone knows the terminology) that would allow you to incorporate those claw makes in really nicely, go have some fun chose a font that suits a wildcat rather than one that makes you think of school. Type can and should be just as creative as your character designs, if it's not then your letting the package down as a whole.

Now I dont know if you intentionally choice to do three claw marks to try and create a stylised E or not but the possibility to use it as that is there but right now it TOTALLY obliterates the W. If that was you intention you need to make it a little smaller and I'd suggest moving it up and to the right perhaps have the first claw mark miss the W entirely. If it wasn't your intention to create an E using the claw marks perhaps a better way of using them might be to drop one of them so you only have two and use then the create the negative spaces in the top of the W. You need to be careful with the outlines you have here as well, not only do they not follow the same sequence as the head part you're also getting some strange issues with areas being raised slightly higher than they should be, the prime example being the negative space between the L and D. Which is another reason I think you should find another typeface for the wordmark.

It's a good start and the Cat has been really well rendered but you can push this further and if you do it will only get stronger.


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I know you put a disclaimer, but the concept does remind me alot of the Maine concept posted recently.

With that said, I really like the cat logo. I'm not feeling the wordmark. It's too inconsistent.

I actually tried to base the wall presentation on it so I see where you are coming from. Great minds think alike though on the wordmark! But I am working on the wordmark and hopefully it'll look a lot better and maybe more original

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so just for you steve I retraced pretty much it all and made your exact changes. Now it's exactly symmetrical. It was a few differences on each side just because of the way I made it ^_^ . I couldn't get the highlight on the eye though. What shape and where should it be, do you think?


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I'm glad you are taking a stab at this logo. It drives me crazy that Eagan uses K-State's logo. Here are my thoughts...

In the main, Wildcat logo the eyes are still bothering me. What if they were white? Check out Charoltte Bobcats alt logo. I think the eyes need a little more detail. If you add the white in the eyes, maybe try changing the teeth to white too.

I don't mind Berthold City font in your recnet concept. I would still challenge you to find something more unique. The other serif font is okay but for some reason it reminds me of old Timberwolves font. Also you are missing the green stroke inside the 'D'.

Those are just my thoughts...

This is a huge upgrade to what Eagan has now. A very nice rendered logo too. Keep up the nice work!

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Since you are doing Eagan can you try doing Burnsville just a suggestion I would like to see what you could do with it

ya man I would love to if I get time. Though it seems I have a new graphics job so we will see where that goes!

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