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Nitro's Name That Logo! (04-17-04)


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Time once again for another NTL!


Mark Type: Primary or Secondary

Era: Used within the last five (5) years

Deadline: April 19, 11:59pm EST

Color has been removed to prevent giving it away.

Just as a reminder, when you guess, you must state the team name and which mark this is, i.e. Edmonton Oilers, Secondary Logo. Good luck! :D

Current clues:



Roger Clemente - 1

SyPhi - 1

Everyone else - 0

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i was going to say the eye from the Eagles logo, but it looks more like the Raptors. and of course someone already said that.


A strong mind gets high off success, a weak mind gets high off bull🤬

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I gave the Raps a good hard look, and can't see it there. It's not the eye area.

The fact that the AFL and NCAA are included blows the doors wide open as to the options... how many teams are there in the NCAA? ...and to not include the CFL, that's one 229031_nonono.GIF for you, Nitro. ^_^

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I think he means the CFL may be in play in other ones, but not this time.

That is correct. :) And again, no one has guessed it correctly yet! Just a small hint: look at the subheading under the topic name that says "Dig deep for this one." Might have to do a little research! You can try finding it somewhere on LogoServer if you're completely lost.

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