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World Cup of American Football


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Just never posted this, and came across it looking for some concept!

So I did these back during the WC2010. I thought it'd be fun if there was a high profile American Football World Cup. Basically, just the US styling on everyone. I just listed a bunch of teams that could maybe possibly fill a team. I got a few, and ended up doing just 7. I'd just like some input on this, and not let it go to waste as the last day of summer for me is here. Sorry the logos are kind of lame...








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Very cool! Just a few thoughts:

1. Change Japan's helmet to white with the red circle in it to represent their flag. Also, change the Canada helmet to red with a white maple leaf in it, also to represent the flag. I think somehow incorporating a country's flag into a design is always important.

2. I like your Team USA concept, but I think it looks too much like the Cowboys. Of course, the 'Boys don't have red in their color scheme, but the gray pants and shoulder stripe pattern remind me a lot of Dallas. Also, the star helmet logo is a bit like the Cowboy star. However, when you think of USA, you usually think of stars, so that isn't such a big problem.

3. Could you possibly create alternate uniforms for some of the teams? Or won't you have time?

Very good concepts. I'm excited to see more concepts from you.


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I'm a big fan of these, however, when I looked at the United States' uniform I thought to myself 'why do seemingly every intl U.S. uniform have to feature a star and the "USA" wordmark?' This is one of the reasons I loved Nike's take on the USMNT "Don't Tread on Me" shield. It wasn't the typical "USA + Star" formula...

Also, I think deviating away from this tired design will make a lot of people happy as evidenced by the popularity of this summer's Team USA eagle + shield concept that got overwhelmingly positive reviews from CCSLC members... I will post it if I can locate it.


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The Japan concept is a good tie-in with other Japanese national sports teams, including using the wordmark "Japan" as a logo, which is pretty boring, but you did a good job making it happen. Same with Mexico, good ties in with some of their old soccer designs and their WBC uniforms.

So far as other teams go, maybe a Scottish team since Scotland competes as its own country in most international sports. IIRC, Scotland had an NFL Europe team at one point. And how about Australia? They have their own Football, obviously, but maybe some of their players could convert to American rules. Just perusing Wikipedia, they also mention football communities in Israel, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and Finland (who knew?)

Finally, the Germany set is a winner; nice work as usual.


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This thread really affected me last night, I think it is one of the last things I looked at before I went to bed, then during the night I have a dream about a football game which was the US vs the Rest of the World and and each player had his own country's uniform on, all the ones you'd created haha. Really would like to see more of these.

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interesting, i almost posted a very similar concept a few months ago but never finished all my concepts. all of these are very well put together but i feel you could do more with USA

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