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Logolympiad: Event #1

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It's officially on!

EVENT #1: Non-Sports Event Logo

CRITERIA: ? Design a logo for the fictional "Great Lakes BBQ Festival"

- You may use any city set on any of the Great Lakes, and may pick any weekend this year.

- You may include the logo of one existing company as a presenting sponsor, but it is not required.

- Include the dates and location in your design.

DEADLINE: Monday, May 3rd, 5:00 P.M. EDT

Post your submissions in this thread. Questions are allowed, and should be posted (and will be answered) publicly.



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I know the chef is "clipart-ish", but that's usually how logos of this kind are drawn. As you can see, cheffy is sporting (no pun intended) a Milwaukee Bucks apron. I liken this logo to a t-bone steak... Simple, yet satisfying.

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And out of curiosity, who lit the Torch at the opening ceremony?

No one. Officially, it was caused by lightning.

Oh, and since hockeyman pointed out a criteria violation, I'll comment...

While Salt Lake is, in fact, a lake, and from what I hear, pretty darn spiffy... it is by no means Great. Fortunately, the rules state you may make modifications to your designs until the deadline. So, SC... I'd suggest a change of venue.

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since I dont live near the great lakes, I cant be a homer and make one for one of my hometown cities

so I went with a city that I visited last summer, that just happens to be on the great lakes


Im extremely proud of how this turned out. I will probably be touching it up before it goes to voting though

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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