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Michigan State going black?


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For BFBS, that's actually not too bad. I'd like to see it incorporate some of the bronze trim like on the football uniforms, though.

Also, how many other schools use that design on the shorts? It looks good on Arizona and I like it here.

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It looks good, I just think it would look better if they kept the current template. It would make it match better with the rest of their identity.

People who are complaining about "bfbs" or whatever, I think you just need to accept the fact that most schools are adding black uniforms. For the most part they don't look half bad. Black is becoming a neutral color that really can go with anything. Think about MSU for example. They have 3 colors, Green, White and bronze used for trim. What are their jersey color options? White at home, Green away, and Alt? do you really want to see a Bronze alt? don't think so.... Most schools want an alt and black is an easy option for the base color, and it usually looks good. Some of you may not like it, but tough. It's going to happen and you shouldn't freak out about something as insignificant as that.

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I am sick of Nike putting the little holes on all the shorts. Everytime Nike gets a new idea they spread it out and make all their teams wear them..lame!

MSU's current shorts have the Nike dots already. In fact, I'm pretty sure they were the first or at least one of the first teams to get them.


There were a few teams to get them at the end of last season. Texas was one of them. I think Syracuse was too. There were others but I can't think fo them right now.

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