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Your Favorie Teams... Why?

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Im pleasantly surprised to see that this thread is not polluted with posts ripping the OP for the spelling error in the thread title.

And this Giants fan shamelessly says SCREW THE A'S! So now we are all content.

Good. Nothing I hate more than Giants fans claiming they like the A's too, but then being unable to even name a member of the starting 9, remember the current name of the stadium or name one of the retired numbers.

I don't think the A's remember what their stadium is currently called it changes so much. All those corporate names are dumb anyway, to me it'll always be the Oakland Coliseum, or simply the Coliseum.

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New York Yankees - Living in NJ I had to choose being a Mets fan or Yankees fan. I was destined to be a Yankees fan plus I've always looked up to Jeter. Easy choice. My passion for the Yankees grew even stronger after ALCS loss in 2004. That loss was awful, so I made sure I was more passionate in being a Yankees fan because it would help defeat the Sox.

New York Jets - I was a Titans fan, but they stunk in 2004, plus being far from Tennessee it was impossible to watch all of their games, I changed to a Jets fan and since I got all their games, it was easy to be extremely passionate.

New York Giants - I also want to be a dissident from some family members being Eagles fans

NY Knicks - Always had a soft spot for Knicks, but when Melo came, I became more passionate in them.

NJ Nets- My hometown team, I've been a fan since the J-Kidd to Martin era.

NY Rangers - I used to be a Red Wings and Avalanche fan but same thing as the Titans, I felt like a bandwagoner cheering for them at the same time so I changed to the Rangers and plan to stick with them.

Miami Hurricanes - Since I started watching College Football

Rutgers - They rep NJ so I gotta cheer for them.

UNC Tar Heels - Hate Dook with a passion so I got ddrawn in to UNC cause they're the biggest rivals to Dook.

UConn Huskies - Emeka Okafor made me a UConn fan, plus Kemba Walker is amazing.

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Denver Broncos: I have been a fan for 30 years, mainly because of the Orange Crush, and I wanted to root for a different team than my family was.

St. Louis Cardinals: I started liking them as a kid. I guess it was their red hats or something.

Pittsburgh Penguins: I am from Western PA, and have been a fan since the Lemieux days.

Portland Trail Blazers: I started pulling for them in the early-90's because I am a Clyde Drexler fan.

Penn State Football: I started rooting for them as a kid, and I stayed with them.

Syracuse Basketball: I have been following them since Junior High, mainly because that was around the time that they went to the Final Four and lost to Indiana.

Pittsburgh Steelers: I have respect for their organization. I especially am a big fan of their 70's teams, the best of all-time.

Pitt Panthers: After Penn State and Syracuse, they have been my second-favorite teams in Football and Basketball.

UNLV Runnin Rebs: I have rooted for their basketball team since the late-80's.

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New York Yankees: The first sporting event I ever went to was a Yankees game in 1967, and Mickey Mantle hit a monster home run. That was enough for me.

Boston Celtics: Beause my high school basketball coach played for the Celtics, and our school colors were green and white.

NFL / NHL: No real preference.

King's College Monarchs: My alma mater.

Penn Quakers: ditto.

Tottenham Hotspur: Favorite team of a character in a book I read years ago, so I figured I should root for them too.

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Cleveland Browns: My parents were born and raised in Cleveland. My dad loves the Browns, so I grew up loving them too.

Cleveland Cavaliers: Same reason as Browns.

Cleveland Indians: Same reason as Browns.

Carolina Hurricanes: I was born outside of Raleigh and lived there when the Whalers moved to Carolina. I went to a few games their first season when they played in Greensboro waiting for the new arena to be built.

South Carolina Gamecocks: I spent most of my life growing up in South Carolina. My parents didn't have any favorite college teams, so I just picked the Gamecocks since they were about an hour away.

Bowling Green State Falcons: I go to BGSU now.

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