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Julius Seizure

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I'd flip the logo on the crusaders helmet, helmet logos like tattoo's of people should never face backwards. The wordmark is uninspired. Seen in isolation it says nothing about Knights or Crusades and the silver keyline on it is way to thin to hold up at anything smaller than it appears on here so that could so with some serious work imo. I'm also interested as to why you chose blue? The cross of st george that the crusaders wore was red.

I really like the logo but feel the amount of detail could be cut down, eg the number of air holes in the helmet. Try having less but making them bigger.


All great feedback. I'll second the addition of red into the color scheme. It's probably the main color I would associate crusaders with. Also, I would also go with a less detailed helmet decal...maybe just a shield like someone mentioned. OR, create a secondary logo featuring a shield and sword together to use as the helmet logo.


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Hey, fellas!

Been a few days without internet, but after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I'm back on!!

Did a complete rebrand of New York, with the royal purple, red, grey color scheme I had originally.

-Did away with the cross on the front of the jersey. Might re-render one in purple as an alternate.





Founder and Commissioner, World Gridiron

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(@missouritigers) Yeah, I was looking at that earlier. I might bring the angle of the swords down a bit to make the cross more 'horizontal', if that makes sense.

That way, more blade would show above the shields, and it would prob. look better on the helmet.

P.S. I took the color scheme from the USFL's Pittsburgh Maulers, haha!

Founder and Commissioner, World Gridiron

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I'm really glad with how New York turned out!!

I revamped Las Vegas today. I eliminated all the gradients, and added a molecule emblem to accompany the alien logo. And an "LV" monogram as a tertiary.

Hopefully this is an improvement!

Any thoughts before we move on to Orlando???





Founder and Commissioner, World Gridiron

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