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Saathoffs Soccer Concepts


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Saathoff's Soccer Concepts

Hello fellow members, some of you may know me, I did a MLS concept project last fall but lost time to do it. So I'm back at it again. I got my soccer fever.

Just a background on me, I'm German, I actually live in the United States. I proudly support the Seattle Sounders FC of the MLS. I'm the President of the Heartland Horde, which is a sub-group of the Emerald City Supporters.

I also support the following European Clubs; Borussia Dortmund, Chelsea FC, OM, PSV, Rangers, and Central Coast Mariners FC of the A-League.

Table of Contents:


Los Angeles Galaxy

Chicago Fire

Toronto FC

Philadelphia Union


First off like i did last fall i simplified the MLS Logo:


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I brought back the old colors the LA Galaxy and brought the old clash kit back like the LA Galaxy did this year. Not sure if i like the Green more, but the MLS is overloaded with blue, so this is a plus in my opinion.

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Mr. Aware Eagle: Thanks! Glad to see interest in this. I'll be putting in some good time on this!

Berlin Wall: Thanks! If you went by tradition you're totally right! Yellow would be the home kit, I had no real reason for these kits, other than LA wears white at home right now. But thanks for the input!

New_Member: Thanks for the input, after looking at this I agree. I remember New York Red Bull wearing gold shorts with their navy tops. Wasn't the best look

Rockstar Matt: Thanks. Reason for the change is history. Other clubs in the MLS have had their blue kits for quite sometime. Makes more sense to change the Galaxy. Otherwise I would of kept blue.

Perfect Zero: Thanks! That's actually a wonderful idea. Ill introduce that into my next kit, which will be the Chicago Fire!

WildWinger88:Thanks, after looking you're right, misplaced a little bit. Thanks for input and help

RedSox44: Thanks! Hope you're looking forward to the rest of the series!

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The only thing about the Galaxy is that I don't like the shade of yellow. I think if you had more of a packers theme, it would be set. Great work though, I'll be following this thread!

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Chicago Fire SC

Next up in the series will be the Chicago Fire. For this I changed the color scheme to the Chicago flag, and embraced the flag inside the design. Also as mcrosby did I added the skyline into the crest. So credit goes to him for the idea. As of right now I'll post the crest and info on Chicago.



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This series is pretty good so far. The LA Galaxy are well done and uniforms look great I don't really like the colours as they remind me of the Packers.

Also the images are too big, it they were smaller then it'd be better.

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So finally releasing my Chicago Fire SC Kits. Wasn't sure really what to do with Chicago. I like the home kits. The away kit i like as well. My only problem, which some of you might notice is its a powder blue, just like their Rivals home kit, Sporting KC

Post what you think about the kits. I try my best and I'm not the best photoshopper in the world. But hope you enjoy.

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This is shaping up to be a great MLS Concept thread. With that being said, I have two general questions so far:

  1. Although you've simplified the League logo, what would your vision of the logo look like?
  2. Additionally, why did you keep the US Flags on the kits?

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My latest creation, Toronto FC. I got rid of the MLS-Adidas contract which in RL extends till 2018 and opened the doors to others to contract with North America's top flight. I like Nike as the pick for this cause Toronto's kits have closely resembled Arsenal but in a different scheme. I also changed the sponsor to Air Canada, as BMO fits Montreal better.

Hope you enjoyed Toronto.

Also I have changed the series a bit. This is now MLS/NASL series. MLS being the top flight, and NASL merging with the USL making the 2nd tier. And put in a promotion/relegation system. I know it will never happen in America, but we can all dream!

The White kit should be the "AWAY KIT" sorry for the error!

Also in response to Mindless:

1. Not sure currently, however ill draw some things up and see what I can come up with!

2. I kept the flags to represent the home countries of the teams, as the series MLS/NASL represents 2 countries and 1 territory I feel it helps show pride for the clubs home country. And I may be one of the rare people, but I actually like the flags on the kits in the MLS currently. I own 2 Seattle Sounders kits and the flag is sense of pride to me. Being in a military family representing the US flag is cool.

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all of these are brilliant! I love MLS redesigns...I'm a Union fan myself... keep up the good work, looking forward to whats next. I'm not crazy about Chicago... but LA and Toronto are nearly perfect... (especially the yellow galaxy)

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