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The Rockies Stirrup Movement - Part 1


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Doesn't Josh Outman play for the Rockies? Getting him to wear the stripes (he already wears stirrups) is the obvious place to start

True dat, he got traded from the A's (which is unfortunate, I liked his yellow and green stirrups).



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That is a picture of Josh Outman on the sign. And I managed to talk with him last night as well. I'll keep the CCSLC updates brief but you guys can always read The 22nd Rant which is where I'm posting my daily progress. But I'll be sure to give both him and Jamie a pair once they arrive. Thanks everyone!


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"The views expressed here are mine and do not reflect the official opinion of my employer or the organization through which the Internet was accessed."

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Sunday, May 20th, 2012

Yeah yeah yeah I know, we got swept by the Mariners. But you wanna know why? It?s because the players weren?t wearing their lucky stirrups.

I was at my 3rd game in 5 days and I couldn?t be happier, we lost them all, but people were finally paying attention to the Rockies Stirrup Movement.

There is no way that I?ll ever be able to put in words the amazing events that transpired on this beautiful Sunday afternoon at Coors Field, but I?m sure goanna try.

It starts like this, Jamie Moyer is a class act. He always had my respect from a distance, but it wasn?t until today that I was able to figure out exactly why that was. Today Jamie Moyer did a remarkable thing for an average fan, and that average fan was me. The one thing that we shared in common was that at the time of our interaction we were both wearing a pair of stirrups.

I arrived at Coors Field at around 11am. In plenty of time to catch a nice session of batting practice. It just so happened that it was autograph day, and that Jamie Moyer was one of the signers.

But before I knew that, I went right down to field level where Jamie was throwing. When he wrapped up I shouted over to him and he looked at me. I asked if I could have 10 seconds of his time. The man in dress cloths next to him answered that I absolutely could not, if I wanted to talk to Jamie I had to get in line like everyone else, got it bub? Jamie chimed in something along the lines of ?sorry man, I have to listen to my boss.?

I got it, and immediately sprinted over to the line, which I stood in for 30 minutes.

Once I got down to Jamie, I gave him the 20 second pitch and he loved it. I told him that I was trying to start a movement that would return stirrups to the game of baseball and that it would mean the world to me if he could read my card and also pass a few out to other Rockies players.

That?s when ?his boss? interrupted us. He told me in a very stern manner that they collectively had no interest in whatever it was I was saying. Jamie would not be passing anything out nor was he there for any other purpose other than to sign items that were sure to be on ebay later that day.

This made me very sad, this big man had told me that the team I had been a fan of ever since I was a 4 month old baby had zero willingness to treat me as anything other than a customer. Deal with it, OK?

But that?s when Jamie made my day, or season. He turned to the big mean man and told him very kindly to calm down. He turned his attention back to me and I knew that I had just received a golden ticket, I had about 15 more seconds. I handed him a stack of cards and reiterated how much it meant to me that he was showing interest and that if he got a chance could he pass a few out to his teammates? I told him that I loved his work and was very happy to have him on my team. I shook his hand, took his picture and was on my way.

I stopped about 10 rows up to see what happened next. The big mean man took the stack of cards and thrust them into his pocket with authority. Jamie signed a few more autographs and then it was time for the signing to be over. I couldn?t believe what I saw next, Jamie politely asked for the cards back, he wasn?t going to lie to a loyal fan. The big mean man now seemed small and weak, he surrendered the cards and Jamie, smiled, and went on his way.

Jamie then did the most remarkable thing I have ever witnessed a professional athlete do in all my years on this earth. He proceeded to walk around the field and began handing one of my cards to each and every one of his teammates. He waved at other fans as he did this. I had to sit down and regroup, because I could have sworn I was dreaming. I couldn?t believe my eyes.

So, I don?t have any idea what will come next, but it will be something, I can promise you that much.

Throughout all this commotion, I never even asked him to sign anything, and I have no regrets. What Jamie Moyer did for me means more than any autograph ever could.

Thank You Jamie,


To the Big Mean Man, there are no hard feelings on my end. You were doing you job, I was just some kid talking about socks to your star pitcher, I get it. I take no offense to you attempting to ruin what has already been months of work, and years of fantasy. You were stern, which I perceived as you being unkind, but unless I hear otherwise, as far as I?m concerned, you meant me or my movement no harm.

If the Big Mean Man is reading this and wants a free pair of stirrups and a different name, I implore you to contact me.


I?ll have more great stories from Sunday?s game up tomorrow.

Goodnight Rockies Nation

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That's a pretty bad ass story. I've always considered Jamie Moyer to be a classy player, but holy crap, that dude went above and beyond for you! Props to him, and to you.


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You're making three big assumptions:

1) Jamie Moyer likes wearing stirrups

2) Jamie Moyer likes your idea

3) Jamie Moyer will tell others about your idea

No offense, but I think you'd have better chances of being an astronaut than starting a movement that will force the Rockies to adopt stirrups.

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

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I was fully expecting this to be another "I started a petition" thread, so I am pleasantly surprised.

Good luck, Jake. I think your best bet is to find some stirrups like the ones you want them to wear, buy as many as you can afford and do the following: Wear a pair to the game to get some fans interested, put an actual pair or draw one on a large, legible sign with as few words as possible (WEAR STIRRUPS would work & maybe create and add a relevant Twitter handle) and finally, if you truly believe you'll have access to players, coaches, etc., bring some pairs to give to them. Rich people love free stuff. In short, you'll only have a few moments to talk, but the right visuals could make an impression/start a movement.

I have no idea if this is good advice, but I like your guerrilla approach and am just tired enough to type out crazy ideas and hit "post." Petitions don't work, at least not for this kind of stuff.

I would like to give CubsFanBudMan the credit he deserves. This was the post that really got me thinking about how to approach the whole thing. Be assertive in a very unthreatening way. That's all for tonight.


This was the photo that was on the back of the business cards that Jamie Moyer passed out to players and the same ones that I passed out to fans.


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I don't like to say players should wear their socks/pants a certain way and I don't think it really matters much... personally I prefer to wear long pants when I play (not a fan of long socks). Regardless, that Jamie Moyer story is cool, and it would be kind of neat to see the whole team wearing stirrups, if even just for a single game. Good luck!

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Wow man, always heard Jamie Moyer was a great guy, but that goes above and beyond. I am extremely happy for you. Keep working hard on this! I'll try to help with the cause from afar, if possible!

Thanks man it means a lot! Are you a Phillie fan? You could always wear a pair of stirrups when the Rockies come to town soon. Maybe even, nicely, tell my team that you know The Stirrup Guy and that it's not only Rockies Fans, but baseball fans everywhere, that want to see them return to the sport. That might actually go a long way, to hear it in person half way across the nation.

Speaking of Philly, I used to live there and now loath the Phillies. For the simple reason that their fans (stereotypically) are unpleasant dick heads. I know this first hand because when I was a boy, 5th grade to be exact, I was at Citizens Bank Park Loudly cheering for my Rockies when in the top of the 9th Vinny Castilla hit a game winning triple. Keep in mind the Rockies were just about as bad as they are now back then, 2004 I believe. Being from Colorado and out of my environment I had no idea why what I was doing was not ok. My dad had to rush me out of area because I was seconds away from getting my year 11 year old ass beat to a pulp by the drunks. We won and I continued my shenanigans by kindly letting people know that MY god awful team just beat YOUR team that was actively in the playoff race fair and square, haha.

So yeah maybe I crossed the line. But at Coors Field we heckle, we guest, but we don't fight. During my one and only year in the city, Eagles fans dumped beer on a father and son from Minnesota on national television during Monday Night Football, and also blew up a cowboys tailgate trailer, yes, BLEW UP.

Stay Classy Philly!

That's not the point though, in all honestly I'm pretty neutral with the team, I don't root for them, ever, but they're not one of the several on my s**t list. I was OK with them winning ONE world series, but when they did it again, they crossed the line, especially because they beat my Rockies in the first round that year. Might I remind you though that we swept them in 2007.

The point of all that was that I'm sure you are a level headed fan, as there are quite a few of, some that I know personally. If you are serious about helping, go to a Rockies road game, anyone anywhere, and make a damn fool of yourself.


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I think your cause is kinda silly (mainly because I think stirrups are dumb looking relics of the past), but I admire your drive and moxy to accomplish your goal. I wouldn't have the nerve to talk to a major league baseball player about stirrups.


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Understandable. No hard feelings in the slightest. I have always been ashamed that I obsessed over uniforms but as part of a recent epiphany I have decided to do what makes me happy. I don't care if 8 out of 10 people think I am (fill in the blank homosexual, foot fetish, blah blah blah). I have recently decided that I am perfectly comfortable with who I am. That is part of the driving force behind my efforts.

Alex White gave me a weird face when I talked to him about stirrups, which brings me to my next item of big news.



The front of the "business card" - complete with a typo, oops


The back

May 21st, 2012

During yesterdays Rockies game, the very same one in which Jamie Moyer did the single most amazing thing any professional athlete has ever done, Alex White also did something pretty darn cool.

I was at the game with an old friend of mine, one that I had not seen in over 6 months. If you’re reading this man, I just had a great time, nice seeing you. Anyway, this friend of mine was very supportive of the Stirrup Project. He has know about my sports uniform obsession for many years.

That’s not the point, I’m only mentioning him because he helped me do what I’m about to describe.

While we were waiting in the half hour long line to see Jamie Moyer, he helped me by saving my spot while I went to talk with Alex White. His line was shorter, but it still took a good 5 minutes to get through it.

When I got up to talk with Alex, I shook his hand and told him that I really liked his pitching. But I’m sure he hears that all the time, I had to cut to the chase. I told him that I was trying to get the Rockies to wear stirrups and handed him a card. He laughed out loud and told me “Sorry man, there’s no way you can ever get me to wear stirrups.”

Alex, no worries my friend, they’re not for everyone. But if you don’t mind, may I ask you why? Is it because they aren’t “cool”? Or is it because they hurt your feet? Or is it because of some other reason? I really am perplexed as to why ballplayers don’t wear them any more. I mean for crying out loud they were an iconic part of the baseball uniform for over 100 years, and only in the last 15 have they gone out of style. If you never respond to this, that’s OK. But if you do, it would mean the world to me. I have always wanted to get inside an athletes head and find out the various reasons why they dress the way they do.

But Alex, you must know that I have accepted you challenge. I hope I can change your mind. And hey, high socks are fine with me too!

Also, were you aware that the Uniform nerds were talking about you last week? You made (obscure) history!


Amway, after Alex told me that there was no chance, I gave him a second card and asked him if he could make sure that one got to Jamie Moyer, he said he would. I told him to keep the other, but he must not have heard me because he signed it and handed it back to me, well alright then, not bad. Right?

But what he did next really was pretty darn cool. When the signing session was over and I was watching eagerly to see what Jamie Moyer would do. I saw Alex White come out of nowhere and hand Jamie Moyer the card!

Let’s just pretend for a second that I hadn’t had the amazing luck I did with Jamie, Alex White would have made it so that at least HE KNEW.

Alex, Thank You! - You are a man of your word.


I hate to do what I’m about to, but I have to mention the DUI. Alex, it’s like one of the first hits on google, hang in there.

Back in spring training you broke the law, a very commonly broken law at that. I’ve been an athlete all my life, I know, we do stupid things sometimes, and we’re not the only ones.

But as far as I can tell, you seem like a pretty nice fella, a man of your word, and a darn good up and coming pitcher.

As far as this fan is concerned, all is forgiven, that is as long as you have learned your lesson. Everyone deserves a second chance right?

Once again, thanks to Alex White #6 for his help with The Rockies Stirrup Project.




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Wow. Amazing story Jake. Congratulations on your success in this movement. It is really picking up speed. It takes a special kind of person to be able to do all of this. I am really hoping the best for this movement.

Do you know if/when Moyer and other guys are going to start wearing your stirrups?

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