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Miami Herald Dolphin Logo Contest


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Strange that so many of the dolphin logos submitted don't have tails. Unless Winter is going to be their mascot and Morgan Freeman coach the team, you need to give it a tail. It's just way too bizarre and distracting without...

Best idea of the night.

But in regards to the contest, it seems that swooshy, abstract logos(although it is the style I create with a lot) is in down in Miami. Maybe the leaked logo will have a big sales and attention boost for the franchise.

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These are all F-ing terrible. I mean c'mon, seriously? Am I being too narrow minded here to think that they are all garbage??? This seems more like a well run experiment to prove why the public has no remote F-ing clue what good design is.

You are not too narrow minded. There were only 2 halfway decent designs in the whole contest. The winning design only won because the guy who submitted it spammed the everloving crap out of the poll.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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