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GotPixels NFL Project 40 Plus- NFL2-Memphis Helmet Options


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Like the first combo too, but I might as well do this...I'm sort of liking this one.




aaaahhh! My eyes! So bright! Just kidding. Maybe turn down the lime a little. It is way too bright.
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Fantastic stuff as usual GP.

I'm not fussy on the lime green alts.

The bright lime green works better as a "spot" colour IMO,

so I much prefer the alts for future consideration.

Other than that, the NIUHI set is a jewel!

You've nailed the Bulls bang-on.

Great logo and colours!

The only change I might make would be to swap the numbers on the shoulders- put the lights on the dark and vice-versa.

Again, ...Fantastic logo. I see the fans making that logo with their hands!

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Guest darkpiranha

Love everything about the Bulls, except that the name is just a commonly-used one in sports. What does the helmet look like in black?

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Back to Niuhi, I like the old color scheme the best. The new one seems a bit too much, especially with the lime green. Also, the name sounds a little "out there" for the NFL.

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Thanks guys for the feedback.


I wanted to stay as far away from the Rainbow Warriors as possible. The "Volt, Neon or Lime, as you guys call it" was a way to brighten the look.

@sparky chewbarky

Thanks Sparky. I agree on the "Volt, Neon, etc.". I like in the alternates very much myself. I also agree about the numbers for the Bulls.


Thanks DP. I have to disagree with you on the Bulls name though. Of the four major sports, only the Chicago Bulls are the duplicate. The Texans imply it with that silly Toro logo... :)

There was Hockey there before as the Bulls, so it seemed a bit logical to combine the industrial with the bull to create an identity that lines up with the city. Besides, Birmingham Bulls rolls off the tongue.

If you look up past team names for the city you get the USFL Stallions...nah, The Americans...nah, The Vulcans...nah. There are Cougars there in Bama, but there are enough Cats in the NFL!

I can't believe that no one has caught the Jordan connection on the uniform sets yet!


The name is a part of the culture. Translates to Shark. So, I really don't see the big deal there. It's catchy... I wanted unique there. Sharks is obvious, Niuhi makes you go deeper. Lots of puns there.

I'm working on a few more of these and still developing a new template.

Frankfurt is next.

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Guest darkpiranha

My test on if a name is off-limits is if when I hear it, I immediately think of a certain team, regardless of sport. Bulls is and always will be first thought of as the Chicago Bulls.

But even excepting that, we also have the California Bulls. You can't forget about them! And their feisty female owner, Diane Burrow, was a trailblazer.

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Normally I count american football as un-conceptable because of the limited template and usually bland designs (only using a couple of stripes on the sleeves). But what you've done with Hawaii and Birmingham.

Hawaii looks really unique and Birmingham looks amazing and classic and also like the Belleville Bulls which is a plus in my books.

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