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MLS: Gridiron *Updated 7-20-14: Rapids v1.2*


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With the growing popularity of sports swap concepts, I want to put in one of my own that I've been working on and off since last year. I got back into this when MLS posted that NFL as soccer concept. I had rebranded my portfolio hence the new name and modified logo.

I did take the NFL's current helmet rules into account, so one shell for each team. I may do alternate shells as "outakes". Except for my first one which was done before the new '13 kits were unveiled, I factored the current kits into the design, though I am planning to hold off any Earthquakes concepts until they unveil at the end of the month.

Eastern Conference

Western Conference


  • Dallas Burn
  • San Jose Earthquakes


  • Miami

First up, my beloved Houston Dynamo. The first thing that came to mind when thinking about a helmet logo was a train. We have a train in our city flag and the Dynamo's oldest neighbor, the Astros play near an old train station.



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The Wizards are back. In gridiron form. I had a fun comibing up with what a gridiron Sporting would like specially since the colors reminded me of the Titans, who aren't favorite team in the league. So I borrowed a little from Arizona as well as some of the current uniforms of my Houston Cougars and combined it with state line element from SKC's current kits to bring this.



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And we're back. The file that had the designs for SKC and FCD as well the original Galxay design got corrupted so I had to start from scratch.

For the Los Galacticos, the double gold, the double blue and the quasar made me think of the Seahawks old and the Cowboys current color jerseys.



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For the Chicago Fire, they get also a get chest stripe albeit a single one instead of a Northwestern one like the Toros. I thought it would be a good link between the two teams and the Brimstone Cup made back when both had Fire-based names.



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Next up, we get massive with the Crew. I took inspiration from their current jerseys and mashed them up with the Cardinals current kit. As for the helmet decal, I modeled it after the Patriots since I wasn't gonna stick that crest on there.



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Overall, these are great, just in need of little tweaks here and there.

The numbers on the Galaxy are way too big. Rule of thumb--never use a 1 when developing a concept. You really need to use wide numbers (every jersey I ever make is 37, some like 28 or similar) so that you can get the scale down for how *all* the numbers will fit.

The way the stripes on the back of the white Crew jersey before reaching the white area is awkward. LOVE that retro-style Crew logo, though.

I'd like to see the full Fire logo--minus the wordmark--on the helmets. It's just a more solid logo than the plain C. Or possibly put it on the front of the jersey à la the Jaguars' current monstrosi--I mean, jerseys.

Looking forward to seeing where you take these.




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