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  1. Ugh. Desert Knights, Silver Knights, Golden Knights...they all sound so damn bush league. How much could it be to pay London to piss off? Or just tuck your Army Homage Boner up under your waistband and pick a different, major league name. And one that doesn't have "hawks" in it.
  2. So funny story on that. Apparently WWE (and, if memory serves, it was Vince himself) convinced Shawn to wear his wrestling gear at WrestleMania by saying Foley and Austin would be wearing theirs. Not sure why it was important that they be in their gear, but whatever. Anyways, Shawn thought that he was in okay shape, but not wrestling gear shape, so he worked out like a fiend before WM, only to find out that Austin was going in jeans and a t-shirt and Foley...well Foley always looks like he's cleaning out the garage anyway. Honestly, I did wonder at WM about the "WWE LOGIC" of having retired HBK in his gear and retired Austin in his "street clothes" for an impromptu run-in.
  3. Eh, Triple H is 47 and looks damn good. Michaels is 51, and minus a receding hairline and an awkward facial expression that make his grey-bearded face look a little more weathered than it really is, he looks pretty good, too.
  4. Lame. They should do a Scramble. Sure, they're a bit convoluted, but they're fun. And it leads to fun photos that live on forever like this one:
  5. I was just kidding. But why are you ducking my 6-Pack Challenge question?
  6. But it's August. Also, is a 6-Pack Challenge the match with the time limit and you have interim champions and when the clock expires the interim champ becomes actual champ?
  7. The problem is, it's really hard to separate Bitter Bret vs. Best For Business Bret. Even when he has a valid point, it's often wrapped in bitterness. It's sad, and it sucks. I was a huge Hitman fan back in the day, too (though I was #TeamOwen during their feud), and I wish things had turned out better for him. But between the Screwjob, Owen's tragic death, Goldberg ending his career with a careless kick and then the stroke, he's had a tough go of it in the last 20 years. Hopefully he's happy in his personal life, but his public-facing persona doesn't seem like he is. On a related note, I think a big part of the reason Bret has been so critical of Rollins is because of how his career ended. I know Bret's (rightfully) really proud that he never injured anybody in the ring, but his career was cut short by a careless, unsafe move, so he's probably extra sensitive to it.
  8. If you ask me, WWE could use more "I'll show you."
  9. No, I was just kidding. As was the dude who originally created that graphic.
  10. I think this is a one-off thing to help elevate Cass (and Enzo, by extension) and possibly further their program with Jericho and Owens. Personally, I see a lot of potential in Cass, but there's zero need to split up that team in the near future.
  11. I think WWE missed a chance to take this huge negative and do something positive with it. I think WWE should have left tonight with a Universal Champion crowned. And it should be somebody besides Rollins or Reigns. I'd have chosen Kevin Owens, personally. And, barring a Roman Reigns heel turn next week, I think that's who our next Universal Champion will be anyway. A babyface Reigns would be shat all over, it clearly won't be Big Cass and I think Rollins is too expected. He's the safe pick, pun intended (because he hurts more people than Vader).
  12. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..... So apparently he relinquishes tonight and has a surgical consult to confirm a labrum tear later this week. But wouldn't they want to get the second opinion first? Isn't there a slim chance it's not that severe? They took the MitB briefcase off Mr. Kennedy because a triceps tear that turned out to be a much less serious hematoma.
  13. Divided crowd here. Lots of hate for the show. Personally, I thought it was a really good show. The only thing wrong with it was the match order (but I understand why they did it – WWE likes to book "come down" matches between "main event" matches so the crowd doesn't get burnt out, and this show happened to have 4 main events) and an underwhelming (but not bad) WWE Title match. Jericho and KO v. Enzo and Cass was entertaining, and Owens was at his trolling best. The Women's Title match, early botches aside, was as physical of a women's match I can recall on the main roster and just a really good match overall. Miz v. Apollo was just there, but it was fine. And Miz is quietly really good. AJ Styles v. John Cena was freaking fantastic, and by far the best match of the weekend, TakeOver included. And AJ won! And AJ should be a top, top guy now. Awesome. New Day v. The Club was a bit disappointing, because I was hoping for a real finish. But the crowd was into the Big E. return, and this just means the program continues. Ziggler v. Ambrose, already covered. Is AJ next in line? The Six Woman Tag was ok, but the Nikki Bella return was really well done and the crowd was into it. Balor v. Rollins was really, really good (but nowhere near Styles/Cena). And that they put over Balor was a pleasant surprise (to me, at least). That's how you make new top stars. I have no idea what the original plan was, but I could definitely buy the "Reigns/Rusev got cut for time" theory. But whatevs. Who was really looking forward to the match anyway? And the program (which is okay) continues, meaning Reigns stays away from the main event even longer. And Lesnar v. Orton was a fun spectacle. I actually think that was the planned finish, and I'm okay with it. It's controversial, and unique. Lesnar looked dominant, Orton didn't pin or submit, okay by me. Overall, I liked TakeOver more, but SummerSlam was really fun, too, in my opinion.