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  1. That works. Former trusted member of the team, left with kind of hurt feelings, maybe he harbored ill intentions the whole time.
  2. Belichick is Palpatine. He wouldn't plant the weakness.
  3. I'm obviously bummed that the Packers lost, but nearly as upsetting is any time Skip Bayless gets more fodder to be the biggest troll in the world.
  4. I'm sure most Dallas fans are. I bet the Cowboys players are, too, from the comfort of their own couches.
  5. You probably don't need an alternate logo that also contains the main logo.
  6. Because concepts. As for the logo itself, IPD, you'll get better technical advice from others, but are you going for a primary logo? If so, the Raiders Shield is too small. I'd suggest leaving the primary as is, but evolving your LV into a secondary logo/patch. Maybe the interlocking letters inside a logo-less shield? Or the Nevada state outline (it's a bit cliche, but would make sense for a team trying to build a local following).
  7. The Rock is going to be Black Adam in the upcoming Shazam film, so he could catapult to the top of the list.
  8. Random and not sure if there'd be any interest, but I was cleaning out my closet (literally, not like Eminem) and I found a KOHO Maple Leafs jersey, size Adult M, blank back with the TML shoulder patch. Officially licensed. Purchased in Toronto (possibly at the team store?) in probably 1999 or 2000.The image below isn't mine, but it's identical and my jersey is still in excellent shape. If anybody's interested make me an offer + shipping. I'd entertain interesting trades, too!
  9. It really was strange how Heenan jumped from heel to face announcer and back. Heenan also nearly ruined the surprise of Hogan joining the nWo in the first place. I don't really blame him for that, though. Doubting Hogan's intentions was kind of his gimmick. I know many announcers like to react to the moment live, but that's an example of a time they should've given at least the Brain a heads up.
  10. I don't love the current US Title, so assuming a UK Title-esque redesign, I'm on board. The IC Title is trickier. If they want to go to the diamond-shaped template for all belts, whatever. I think it's unnecessary. But the UK Title has shown you can do cool things inside that template that aren't just face-and-strap recolors.
  11. The best thing Alex Wright ever gave the world was his video game "choose me" speeches. For those that never played them, WCW games used to have like 10 second promos the wrestlers would cut as you were selecting your character. Alex Wright's was: "Hey man. Here's Alex Wright. The German. If you want to know what the Germans are about...pick me and you gonna have a hell of a wintery, I promise." I can only assume "wintery" was supposed to be "victory." And maybe that's what he was saying. But it definitely came out as "wintery."
  12. what was the Tweet?
  13. I liked that they tried different things. I didn't like the execution of many of them. The difference between "White Castle of Fear" and "The Final Deletion" is the way the main talent played the part. Sting played it straight. Matt Hardy was in on the joke because he created the joke. EDIT: Not that it's Sting's fault. The whole production was meant to be serious, so he played it the way he was supposed to. But can we all agree Stang would've played it exactly like Broken Matt?
  14. Depends on your POV. I can see the argument that the Giant was the top heel. Either way, Kevin Sullivan was the leader of the heel stable that dominated the main event scene during this period.
  15. WCW's attempts at cinematic camerawork were always terrible. But, in retrospect, awesomely terrible.