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  1. I don't know, man. That's usually the rub new era acts get, you're right. But the New Day is so over and such a babyface act that if there's any Legend interaction, I think it's much more likely that we see a heel act (Rusev and Jinder?) get shat upon and then a New Day dance fest with INSERT LEGEND HERE.
  2. I think so. You've got Sheamus and Cesaro, Cass and Enzo, Gallows and Anderson. Just do a Triple Threat match. It's not ideal, but oh well. Since the Draft, I thought they were going to build to The New Day vs. Enzo and Cass. Guess not.
  3. Good for DDP. I think he deserves it for his WCW career and his effect on the business (not just helping Scott Hall and Jake Roberts get their lives in order, but also extending the careers of Chris Jericho and Goldust, to name a few) just cements it. As far as the New Day hosting, I mean it does kinda seem like a slap in the face doesn't it? The only thing I can see is they want to run some big angle, or think that they want to give the New Day a spotlight beyond just being part of some multi-team match. They'll still get a big entrance and could, in theory, be used in several vignettes throughout the night.
  4. I didn't know actual real people could confuse the two countries. I thought it was just a Jim Carrey gag.
  5. Oh yeah, I don't mess around with mechanical pencils and :censored:. And seeing as I don't have to write in any official capacity (forms/reports/contracts/etc.) I don't even bother using the erasers most of the time because, to your point, they're mostly worthless. Most of my writing is of the note-taking/brainstorming/sketching variety and I just prefer the feel of pencil-on-paper.
  6. I like the way the Uni-Ball Vision Elite writes, but it's pretty susceptible to smearing. All in all, I'm a pencil guy.
  7. As a casual fan, NBA protected-pick trades are dumb. The Bulls get a pick from the Kings that's either really, really valuable or completely worthless. No in-between.
  8. Totally agree with you guys, but I see people getting in line here at park open – while we're power walking (because we can't "run") to Soarin', trying to sneak in an extra ride before we cash in our FastPass+ on it.
  9. Too lazy to multi-quote, but @Ice_Cap, I agree it's :censored:ty that Cody can't use the Rhodes name. And I don't begrudge anybody liking Cody. I just threw it out there that I don't really respond to him. As far as the other stuff, Sami Zayn is not the hill I'm going to die on. I don't recall saying Zayn should win the Rumble (I don't even recall thinking that), but I guess I might have. Anyways, I still stand by my POV that the Rumble can be used to elevate a guy to the main event. I don't think any random schmuck can win the Rumble and go on to have a WrestleMania title match, but for the right guy at the right time, sure, why not?
  10. We definitely are wanting to do that (we have a 4-year old daughter), and my wife has already set her calendar reminder to do our FP+ reservations at midnight of our first eligible day. Thanks for the tip tho! More good info. Thanks, Cosmic! Two other FastPass tips I always give friends: 1. Single Rider lines can be your best friend. Expedition Everest, for example, has a wait time that's a fraction of the posted wait time if you're willing to ride by yourself. Depending on the makeup of your group, that can be a great way to maximize your FPs. If somebody told me this today, I'd be like "yeah, thanks, we've been doing this for years." But so many Disney newbies don't even think about it (if they know about it at all). 2. You have to think of OVERALL crowd demand when you're doing your FastPasses, not just what you want to do most/first. Seems obvious, right? But I've had friends that were bummed that they missed out on, for example, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train because they thought "well, we have these other Fast Passes for the morning, and when those are used we'll just get our Mine Train Fast Pass afterwards." But by the time you're done with your 10:00 - 10:50 FastPass and are ready to book some more, you might be looking at 8:00 pm for Mine Train -- or you might be shut out altogether.
  11. Yes. Thank you for explaining the joke.
  12. I know. Boma is awesome. But there's only so many dinners! Glad to hear that Homecoming is amazing. I'll definitely make a reservation there. Thanks for the recommendation. Never tried Yak and Yeti, but as it's relatively reasonably priced, maybe we can justify splitting something for lunch one day. We've done the Wave several times and always enjoy it. Just not sure we can squeeze it in.
  13. There's no point in arguing about this anymore, and I wasn't prepared to until you made your Mings-level crack about jerking off to Sami Zayne (sic) but dissing the Great Cody Rhodes. You think the Rumble and a WWE Title match should be reserved for already-established main eventers. That's fine. I think they can, occasionally, be used to elevate a guy to that level.
  14. This card kinda hinges on whether or not Rollins can go, huh? If he can, it'll be a decent card. If not...man, I don't know. It'll still be fun because WrestleMania, but I have zero interest in seeing Big Show v. Shaq, AJ Styles taking on Shane and the Cena/Miz mixed tag. At least the Cruiserweights should put on a good spotfest (I'm assuming a multi-man match and hoping for a Ladder match), Raw will put together a good women's match and an interesting tag match, I'm sure and Smackdown's women's match should be good as well. But the SD tag match could be pretty bad. American Alpha is fine, but there are zero interesting contenders on the blue brand.
  15. So we pushed this back because my mother-in-law wanted to come with us and couldn't go in January. Fine by me. Built-in babysitter. Now going end of April thru early May, 8 days, 9 nights! Our longest Diz trip ever. But we might take a day off in the middle to just hang at the resort, swim and let my daughter rest up. Because we're winners, we got some beer and are staying in tonight to do dining reservations and we're in a tense debate right now about which ones make the cut and which have to be cast aside. We've never gone to Disney World and NOT gone to Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge but there are so many restaurants we want to try now that lame Downtown Disney became apparently-cool Disney Springs and added like 3 or 4 restaurants we're interested in that we have to make some tough decisions. Anybody been to any of the following that can give a recommendation one way or the other? Narcoossee's Boathouse Chef Art Smith's Homecoming Skipper Canteen Spice Road Table Frontera Cocina (Rick Bayless' Disney restaurant)