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  1. Bully Ray was a strong character, agreed. And like DG said, I think he would have played a nice foil for the face Champion, likely on SmackDown. And since the only reason he was Brother Ray which then transitioned to Bully Ray was he couldn't use Bubba, in WWE, I'm certain he would have stayed "Bubba Ray Dudley," just using his TNA persona. So when I and others say things like "Bully Ray could've been an asset," I mean that character, not the name.
  2. I was ok with them reuniting the Dudley Boyz, but after they ran their course and put over the right people Bully Ray could have been an asset for sure.
  3. I don't know what a crusix is, but I do know that Randy Orton driving it into the "ashes of Abigail" made for lame TV.
  4. Maryse is gorgeous as a blonde. But she might be even hotter as fake Nikki Bella.
  5. You know, I don't expect the Hardys to show up at WrestleMania, but it is kinda curious that WWE threw together this ladder match last minute with a really random and rushed build and the current competitors are decidedly unsuited to a ladder match, beyond Cesaro who's suited to everything.
  6. That would be the greatest Maniacal Wrestling Moment in all of space and time.
  7. Talk about a WrestleMania Momentâ„¢! The Ultimate Thrill Ride!
  8. So is the Raw Tag Title Match a Ladder Match or what?
  9. Good option, but I couldn't do it. If anything noteworthy happens, it's really hard to avoid finding out about it. I was watching either Survivor Series or Royal Rumble on delay, and checked ESPN for like the score of the Blackhawks game or something and on the sidebar there were results from their WWE reporter. You'd have to basically go dark for a day.
  10. ^ watchwrestling.in
  11. Wait, is the WrestleMania stage really going to have an operational roller coaster? Also, I mean I guess I hope Paige and ADR are happy and all, but their relationship just kinda creeps me out.
  12. I've always kinda wanted somebody to pull off an "Inigo Montoya" kind of gimmick. Not the "you killed my father, prepare to die part," but the "when I found you you were so slobbering drunk you couldn't buy brandy" part, where there's redemption in the end for a guy whose demons got the best of him in a very public way. Not sure Sean Waltman is that guy, but it just reminded me.
  13. lol. I want to like Joey Ryan, and I used to. But I think the PenisPlex was the turning point for me. I like funnies, but I just don't get behind that kind of comedy wrestling. Dalton Castle >>>>>> Joey Ryan
  14. It was censored, but I assume you meant manboobs, right? Hopefully Jericho has the sense to get out for good before he'd reach the "has to wrestle in a t-shirt" phase of his career.
  15. Wow, 44? That's it? It's crazy because he debuted in 1993 (on my birthday!), but he could still be wrestling full-time! Jericho's older. Big Show is older. Goldust and R-Truth are older. So is Mark Henry.