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  1. 2016 WWE Payback

    As much as I hate Roman Reigns' character right now, I actually have to respectfully disagree with CRich. I think RR DOES have charisma. In the Shield's heyday, I always thought he had a subtle, understated aura of coolness around him. He reminded me of early Diesel. Now he REALLY reminds me of later Diesel, as he could give Big Daddy Cool a run for his money as Worst WWF/WWE Champion Ever. But, anyways, if WWE could amp up the smug semi-arrogance Reigns showed the first couple weeks after his WrestleMania win, he could get legit heat as the WWE Manufactured Champion taking on the Internet's Favorite Wrestlers.
  2. 2016 WWE Payback

    Those people were kidding themselves if they thought AJ was gonna win the Title tonight and they deserve to be disappointed. One month after giving Reigns his "coronation moment" isn't the time to move the WWE Title off of him. Whether or not you think Reigns should've gotten the belt in the first place is one thing, but it would be crazy to hotshot the belt to another guy this soon. Also: Big Dog is dumb. The Guy is lame. Why do they need to give him a nickname when he already has a fake wrestling name that WWE precision engineered to sound cool?
  3. 2016 WWE Payback

    AJ Styles won the match twice. Next match should be 2 out of 3 falls. Next up: Camp WWE! Next up for me: Not Camp WWE! Good night, everybody!
  4. 2016 WWE Payback

    Sorry, but this match is killer. I don't even care that AJ's not getting the strap.
  5. 2016 WWE Payback

    WWE changing Styles' finisher was definitely the right move. That forearm is awesome. I wish it had a different name tho...
  6. 2016 WWE Payback

    Eh, years of predictable booking called it. Though predictable isn't ALWAYS bad necessarily.
  7. 2016 WWE Payback

    So are we gonna see a DQ, only to have Steph-o-Mac restart it with No DQs? Edit: Yes. Yes we are.
  8. 2016 WWE Payback

    And just like that, booooooooooooooooo! A count-out in your Main Event? I mean, I guess at least AJ stays in the Title picture, but still...lame. EDIT: Oh, nevermind. Shane's here. Thanks, Shane!
  9. 2016 WWE Payback

    Ok, that was cool. I don't know that I've ever seen a flying "strike attack" thru a table.
  10. 2016 WWE Payback

    Ric Flair was "The Man." Triple H is "The Game." Sasha Banks is "The Boss." Jerry Lawler is "The King." The Rock was "The Great One." AJ Styles is "The Phenomenal One." Even Billy Gunn was "The Badass." And Roman Reigns is..."The Guy." Womp womp. How generic? I'm surprised the crowd doesn't chant "Play-er-One" at Reigns. Too bad Duke Droese already had "The Dumpster" on lockdown.
  11. 2016 WWE Payback

    Oh, God. Are we still rehashing the Screwjob?
  12. 2016 WWE Payback

    The following is an abbreviated list of things I'd rather see happen than Dixie Carter find an investor that lets her maintain majority control of TNA: • WWE purchases TNA, renames the company Impact Wrestling and uses it as a Cruiserweight show. • Sinclair (or ROH) purchases TNA and uses it as a developmental program for Ring of Honor. Mostly because, ha! • Dixie's dad throwing in the towel and selling the whole thing off to somebody who will run it as an alternative style of company – but one that has zero designs on giving WWE a run for their money. Perhaps even taking a cue from LU and making TNA a seasonal promotion.
  13. 2016 WWE Payback

    WWE was like "well, we don't get the TNA video library...but I guess we can live without that one clip of Elix Skipper walking the cage. Thankfully we're already stocked up on footage of Jeff Jarrett being over-pushed and busting guitars from our purchase of the WCW library."
  14. 2016 WWE Payback

    This is the best entrance music Christian has ever had, and it's not even close. And though that's just my opinion, it's, in fact, a fact.
  15. 2016 WWE Payback

    I don't think I knew Jim Cornette was in TNA.