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  1. On one hand, the creation of a list of the "elite" NFL teams is a completely pointless exercise. On the other hand, I'm sure ESPN is working on this idea already. (And when they do, I'm betting they include Green Bay because it's absurd and indefensible not to.)
  2. Anybody else think the Bollywood Boys should bleach their hair and be the Bollywood Blondes?
  3. I like Rich Swann, but his win last night felt a little anticlimactic. That roundhouse kick which seemed so devastating on Raw seemed slow and weak (all 3 of them!) on 205 Live. I hope the Cruiserweights work. I enjoy their matches. But the lack of crowd response is concerning. Like DG said, I think more flippy stuff is needed to get the average fan. And I don't know if he's a savior, but I'd bring in Kota Ibushi, even if only for a limited run. I think he was the only transcendent star coming out of the CWC. TJ Perkins is a huge bust. Kendrick is good and all, but not a division headliner. I don't think Swann is either. Gran Metallik has barely been around it seems. And while the CWC crowd loved Cedric Perkins, Raw crowds haven't been as kind. I wonder if a Johnny Gargano v. Tomasso Ciampa blood feud could carry the program?
  4. I really hope the Rusev/Enzo angle ends with somebody shouting "I choppy choppy your pee pee."
  5. That's because WWE doesn't know how to keep babyfaces fresh. The pattern we see time and again is: 1. heel act organically gets over 2. heel act turns face 3. new face act slowly loses the edge that got them over in the first place 4. WWE turns on the Catchphrase-O-Tron 6600 5. Sufferin' succotash, I think he just said sparkle-crotch
  6. It might be a little trivial, but one thing that's helped me put Ric Flair's greatness into perspective despite most of his run happening either before I was born or while I was watching the WWF exclusively is how much respect Vince McMahon has for Flair and how well he's treated the Nature Boy, considering Vince's reputation for hating everyone and everything "rasslin'" and that he didn't create himself. Vince seems to revere Flair as one of the greatest, if not the greatest of all time even though Flair is an NWA/WCW guy first and foremost.
  7. Doubtful. Goldberg's gonna be the babyface in this program, obviously and Brock still can't talk. If anybody can talk fans into being interested in Goldberg/Lesnar III when Goldberg is up 2-0, it's Heyman.
  8. You know, I hadn't considered that he'd be "full-time" in this temporary role. That could be interesting. I hope both start with just killing the Shining Stars. And Goldberg is in great shape. He was sweating bullets on his RAM appearances, though, so hopefully they can just lather his head with Right Guard so he looks like a destroyer going forward and not a sweaty madman.
  9. Goldberg's shirtless son was the most uncomfortable moment of the weekend, for sure. \ Also, if Just For Men isn't scrambling to put together a deal with Goldberg, they're wrong.
  10. I'm no booker, but I don't see the sense in having your biggest draw beaten decisively by a one-off WCW guy unless there's something else planned. I'm not apocalyptic about Lesnar getting squashed until I see how (if?) they follow this up.
  11. I see what you did there.
  12. Sadly, I know what you mean. But what if this were MLB players giving thanks? And out of 23 random ballplayers from 1989, 10 were dead?
  13. I'll probably watch Survivor Series on delay, but I'm really not that enthused about it. I guess the matches I'm most interested in are the Cruiserweight and IC Title matches because of the brand-switching possibilities and Goldberg/Lesnar because it should at least be a spectacle. Not really into any of the traditional Survivor Series matches.
  14. I have absolutely zero issues with you. I was just giving you a playful jab because you tend to make lots of sexual comments. Or at least that was my intent.
  15. I feel your bar for pants creaming might be lower than the rest of us.