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  1. If I were in Creative, in an attempt to salvage Curtis Axel, I'd: 1. Have him buzz his head. Doesn't have to shave it, but go like 1-guard on it. 2. Shorten his name to Curt Axel. 3. Give him modified ring gear: plain, single-color trunks with a "CA" monogram, matching single-color knee pads, white boots, ring jacket. 4. Sit him down in front of old NWA/AWA episodes to study. 5. Move him to SmackDown. 6. Have him work an old school heel gimmick, and bring back retro gimmick matches for him. Like have his first feud, with, say, Luke Harper, culminate in a Coal Miner's Glove Match. Would this work? I have no idea. At least it'd be a direction though.
  2. Thanks for your pity. I have no problem with his involvement. I just didn't enjoy it.
  3. There were 2. Point remains valid.
  4. That coward!
  5. See? The Axeman gets it.
  6. I don't know what he is.
  7. As a whole, I'd be in favor of more Miz hosting celebs on Miz TV. A good way to integrate celeb appearances and make Miz seem more important. With last night, I just thought LaVar came off as a goofball when if he were a bit better of an actor it would have come off better.
  8. Not trying to start a thing, but I thought LaVar Ball was ridiculous last night. He stumbled over his lines and had an early-Daniel-Bryan style semi-smile on his face the whole time. In other news, does anybody know if the Young Bucks/Bullet Club "F*** the Revival" schtick is just for fun, or do they shoot have problems with the Revival?
  9. Even when the product is bad, I still watch WWE. But I swear, if WWE lets Daniel Bryan's contract expire and we don't see a Bryan v. Miz match before he leaves I might just call it quits.
  10. Does it seem to anybody else like Creative scripts as many S sounds into Elias Samson's promos/songs as possible? His lisp is ever-so-slight, and I'd think they'd want to mask it as much as possible.
  11. That sucks. Sorry, nuordr. I tend to avoid roller coasters because I get motion sick (I won't puke, but I'll feel nauseous), and the meds I've tried make me feel loopy. WDW coasters aren't some of the most thrilling around, but they're more my speed.
  12. So is Ron Howard going to work with the footage Miller and Lord already shot? Are they gonna reshoot most of it? This is pretty crazy.
  13. Wait, what? I'm shocked at that. I can't believe he'd go back. I wonder if WWE threw a new contract at him to avoid a workplace harassment lawsuit?
  14. Tip #1: don't go to Bill Cosby's seminar.
  15. He needs to make "I'm not finished with you" a regular thing even after he's *finished* with his Roman feud.