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  1. WWE Fastlane 2016

      No huge losses. I think Bull coulda been something more, but there's a ton of talent in NXT already and they probably won't miss him. I haven't seen enough of (or any of) the other two to really know their potential.
  2. WWE Fastlane 2016

    AJ Styles busted out the Calf Killer to beat the Miz on SD! tonight. I think it's a way better route to go as a finisher than the Styles Clash, though I feel like they're pushing Styles as a guy that can win in lots of ways. Three wins on TV, three different means of victory (rollup v. Jericho, Styles Clash v. Axel, Calf Killer v. Miz).      
  3. WWE Fastlane 2016

    I think it's just that most people, when somebody asks an annoying or unintentionally insulting question, just kind of assume the asker had no malicious intent. It seems like Punk assumes the opposite. 
  4. WWE Fastlane 2016

      Just came to post the same thing...I don't know why, but I tend to think it's not the interviewer. The more I read/watch/learn about Punk, the less I feel that he was the one guy who had the guts to stand up to WWE, the rebel, and the more I start to think he's just a prick. He seems like an utterly miserable person.    But what do I know about any of this? Nothing, really.
  5. WWE Fastlane 2016

      I feel like they already fed him all the hosses early on, during the "can he get so-and-so up for the Shellshock" period of his career, right after he was lifting three jobbers up at once.
  6. WWE Fastlane 2016

    Agreed to all on Ryback. In a vacuum, he looks great and the black trunks only accentuate his ridiculous build. But, yeah, Goldberg.
  7. WWE Fastlane 2016

    Well, if WWE wants, I think Miz does have a future as a manager/agent. My fear is that they'd make him the mouthpiece for Cesaro though.    That he can also take bumps is a huge bonus, and I can see him used in a Bobby Heenan type role where he'd engage in longterm feuds with one specific babyface Superstar, sending a new henchman after him every couple months. Then, finally, the babyface gets his hands on the Miz. Like one of those old "if you beat Wrestler X, you get 5 minutes in a cage with me" kinda angles.
  8. WWE Fastlane 2016

    I used to not mind him. I never liked him. But now he's awful, IMO. His growling "I'm the Miz and I'm awesome!" schtick is as obnoxious as it is old, and the Hollywood A-Lister gimmick doesn't even work ironically for him. As far as I'm concerned, pair him with Tough Enough Josh and let them play off the "nobody wanted me here but I survived, nobody wants you here now so let's get together, yeah, yeah, yeah."
  9. WWE Fastlane 2016

    The Bischoff episode was great, though much of the dirt Bisch dished had already been covered in previous podcast/shoot interview appearances. Which reminds me, the Bischoff/Bruce Prichard Monday Night Wars debate moderated by Chris Jericho awhile back was fantastic. Go out of your way to check it out. 
  10. WWE Fastlane 2016

    I wonder if WWE is setting Miz up to become a manager. A few weeks back he unsuccessfully tried to recruit Neville. Tonight he tried to recruit AJ Styles. He also never, ever wins, so it's clear they're done investing in him as an in-ring performer (for now, at least). Personally, I think he's got X-Pac heat, but he can talk a little bit, at least. 
  11. WWE Fastlane 2016

    9:15 of a Raw on the Road to WrestleMania and not one comment about the episode. Probably a good sign I didn't miss anything.
  12. WWE Fastlane 2016

      Well I'm glad you were. Bret's way too young and has been through enough already. Here's hoping he beats this (clean, in the middle of the ring) and has many more years with his family.
  13. WWE Fastlane 2016

    This could be posted in the medical advice from unqualified amateurs thread, too, because I'm the furthest thing from an expert here, but I kinda thought prostate cancer was pretty beatable and only killed a small percentage of those diagnosed with it.
  14. WWE Fastlane 2016

    BBtV, I actually agree. It looked like AJ was struggling with Curtis Axel, who isn't that big in the grand scheme of WWE. I think they could keep it in his arsenal for a "once in awhile" spot, but I wouldn't mind one bit if they transitioned him to a new finisher.
  15. WWE Fastlane 2016

    That's awesome. Is that a series? I'm gonna go and see if I can find any more of those. Jim Johnston is a (theme) musical genius.   EDIT: Yeah, there's a few more at WWE.com. Super cool.