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  1. I still think the best way to get Reigns over as a top babyface is take a detour thru Cool Heel City. They could've reformed the Shield as a heel faction that would have had nWo/DX style heel heat that splits the crowd, basically the reverse of how the audience feels about Roman now.
  2. Finn and Bray's program was already cheesy, but last night reached new depths. That was "Warrior is in the Mirror" levels of dumb.
  3. Neville didn't really do a king gimmick tho. It was his nickname but he didn't get cartoony with it.
  4. I want Triple H to not wrestle at WrestleMania and instead take on Wade Barrett at the Takeover at WM weekend. The Haitch talking about being the Creator at Takeover: War Games and we hear over the PA "if you think you made NXT...I'm afraid I've got some Bad News!"
  5. I might be fooling myself, but I see how consistently entertaining nXt is and I have hope for the future with the Haitch in charge. Stephanie's own proclivities is the wildcard, but nXt 2017 reminds me a lot of ECW 2000, not in style at all, but in how the brand is able to maintain consistent quality in the face of consistent talent losses. That speaks to the booking skills of the folks in charge.
  6. Ok, yeah, another big bump. But since it was the same bump as his WM match against Taker is it ok to be disappointed?
  7. I missed the 10-1 shellacking of the Pens, but I'm enjoying this Columbus game. The Hawks look fast, crisp and physical. That 3rd goal will read as Toews, assisted by Saad, but that was a great hit by Panik that made it happen.
  8. Ralphie May Dead

  9. Little Caesars new logo

    Out of all of those QSR pizza joints, Hungry Howie's is the best by far. Unfortunately it's not national.
  10. Ralphie May Dead

    I agree. It's still sad. If you have no sympathy for him, don't comment.
  11. Cardinals (and Blues) fans are more tolerable when you realize most of their general awfulness comes from a massive inferiority complex St. Louisians have, the source of which is "all things Chicago."
  12. Please ban hammer don't hurt 'em

    Got me. I went to his profile and there was a message on his wall from a mod and C's referenced you. "Does CS get a warning, too?" or something. The only thing I can think of beyond that is the one spot where Cap mod edited his post. Maybe he said something really inflammatory there that I missed because beyond his terrible hot takes I didn't see anything super awful. Oh well. He won't be missed.
  13. Please ban hammer don't hurt 'em

    He gone. That escalated quickly.
  14. When WWE puts multiple matches in the HiaC it hurts the novelty. Shane v. KO should be the only match in the Cell.
  15. Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

    I don't know of too many credible, reasonable organizations/entities/people who want to revoke all guns. Most support common sense ("gunsense") measures to make it harder for the bad guys to get guns – especially military-grade guns. Note: I said "harder." Not "impossible." Nobody thinks tougher gun laws will solve everything. But it sure as hell is worth a shot to help prevent SOME of them, especially when the worst thing it would really do for must good people who want to own a gun is make it slightly less convenient to do so.