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  2. It's supposed to be Friday Night Lights, not Friday Night Lights Out.
  3. Damn. I would feel so always checking out with 14 super bowl hats.
  4. The thing that bugs me most about the Virginia uniforms is the stripe at the top of the jersey. It makes it look like Nike is repurposing a bad adidas template, (this one in particular)
  5. Thank you so much for posting this! I have this hat and have never quite been able to identify it, although I knew it was for the rangers!
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  7. Indeed, that’s the only point! And by that measure, these succeed.
  8. What makes yall think 20k is nfl worthy attendance?! That's crazy. It took Jacksonville 70k+ in the USFL to be considered for the NFL. Every single aaf market sucked.
  9. Since everyone’s so concerned about safety, you’d think a soft muddy field would be welcomed. But anything less than a perfect field has people up in arms. I miss the mud. Artificial turf destroys bodies
  10. The initial design they had in mind was VERY different (powder base, large Tower Bridge in navy as a background), and somewhere along the line it got completely changed. I was really thrown off when I opened the boxes to put them together and saw these. I dig it, though. It’s a departure, but it works as a third kit. I just have to keep keep reminding myself that third kits are always WAY out there.
  11. ♫ We are the Montreal Preservation Society God save Hawk and Vlad, and MLB impropriety ♫
  12. For reference this was the prior CWC package, featuring a massive banner at the bottom with the batter and bowler's faces. It was not well-received, though I do like the old-style score in the corner (which is how it worked until bottom bars became standard in cricket broadcasting)
  13. Blue home and the rest are away kits
  14. For some extreme "things literally only I care about" energy, the ICC Cricket World Cup always has special graphics each year, last year was a strange package with an old-style top corner scorebug and a big banner with the batters' faces at the bottom, this one is more conventional (with the gimmick being gradients, given the rest of the package).
  15. Love the little icons on the jersey especially the Tower Bridge.
  16. Wow! Spectacular work on these, heres my thoughts: 1. Really nice logo for the Kraken, smooth, streamlined and sleek and the colors work great although the lighter blue and green could be saturated a little more to create some vibrance 2. Sockeyes look absolutely terrific, color scheme is perfect and even represent the animal great too. Favorite of the group. 3. Love the striping on the Totems, and the green is what I envisioned for the Kraken. I agree with @B-mer about the Totems color scheme, the dark red, teal and white would look great for them. 4. Sasquatch are awesome, incorporating Mt. Rainer into the forehead was clever as :censored:, not crazy about that number font or double outline, but i could easily live with it.
  17. One of the best concepts ive seen in years..and I'M totally feeling this Milwaukee Bucks one the most!!
  18. Current UDA Uniforms as of 1966 Part 3 San Diego Admirals Buffalo Lakers Miami Flamingos
  19. Haven’t seen these posted here, so I’ll update with the latest Sac Republic kits I put together. These are known as the “city” kits. I put these together, but I didn’t have any say on the design this time around, as they were pretty specific on exactly what they wanted. I wasn’t quite sure what to think when I first saw the design (They’re loosely based on our rather gaudy city of a Sacramento flag, but they almost remind me of an LV bag), but I’m warming up to them a bit after spending quite a bit of time with them over the past few weeks. They’re paired with navy shorts and powder blue socks. A bit out there, but the fans seem to really like them. Even if I have mixed feelings about a design Republic puts out, its still pretty surreal to see my work featured in media layouts and in the public sphere. Not too bad for a dude with no graphic design background (other than dicking around here) who fell bass ackwards into all of this.
  20. Current UDA uniforms as of 1966 Part 2 Chicago Gaels, the Red Sox to the Mad Hatters' Yanks New York Heroes Oakland Squirrels Washington Commanders
  21. The Twins, who are decades removed from being known for power, became the second team to hit 100 home runs in their first 50 games. They should score a lot of runs all year but the pitching has probably over-achieved a bit.
  22. Current UDA uniforms as of 1966: San Francisco Dragons Cleveland Mad Hatters, the Yankees of Driveball Atlanta Aviators Minnesota Shockers St Louis Showboats Seattle Emeralds Los Angeles Jaguars New Orleans Revelers Philadelphia Brawlers
  23. I like how you went all white with the clash jersey and then went crazy with the blue and orange for the main jersey. Florida is a tough school to do because of that orange/blue balance. So you threw them in a blender. I like it.
  24. I guess good for MLS that they secured a Star Wars partnership, but the looks posted here are pretty uninspired. The Solo shirt looks like it's standing on Homage's corner too:
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