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  2. This was my first thought. This "owner" controversy was something that I had never heard about it until I saw people being weird about the change on the internet. You could have quietly made the change and most people wouldn't have even thought twice about it if they had even noticed that it happened. Do we think that?
  3. It’s not an official logo, unfortunately (at least they’ve never announced it as such). They started using it here and there a few years ago, but have used it pretty sparingly since then. It’s not even used on merch as far as I’m aware. I was pretty disappointed to not see them make it an official alternate logo when they unveiled their updated logos back in 2017.
  4. He's disallowing the use of the term owner internally in regards to the NBA. The desire he's expressing has the full weight and power of his position and will be enforced. ESPN is already acquiescing. He's not making suggestions he's implanting new policy a.k.a the term "owner" is not allowed to be used any longer. Please help me to understand how the word ban is a misrepresentation of the new initiative.
  5. I swear at this point, The Maple Leafs are going to hang a banner celebrating that they made it past the 1st round of the playoffs, when it happens.
  6. So If I'm understanding this right; The Rays, a team that can't even get a new stadium built in 1 city, are demanding that 2 cities build them a new stadiums?
  7. The Buffaslug kinda looks like Donald Trump’s hairdo.
  8. Oh okay. The filter on his post made the blue look teal.
  9. Bet this is something none of you have heard of, but here's my idea for NFL Expansion. The eventual goal of this would be to add one more team to each division. I see this as feasible, after the failure of the AAF, it seems as if the NFL is unstoppable. This would eliminate the need for drastic re-alignments. On the map, the expansion cities are in BOLD. The cities, team names (for some), and explanations will be in the next post.
  10. Right. I am not doubting that he is smarmy huckster. I was saying only that he did not come off like one in this press conference. He obviously knows how to present himself.
  11. Yeah, Stu is a scumbag who doesn’t want to use any amount of his money for a stadium. Don’t let some press conference fool you. He’s adopted the Bob Lurie approach, not wishing to spend any significant percentage of his own money to complete a stadium deal. Heck, I’d argue that he’s worse than Lurie, since Lurie at least tried to work more extensively with city officials throughout the Bay Area to get a deal done (him not knowing that Bay Area voters don’t like paying directly for stadiums is his own fault). Pulling a Frank McCourt on Donald Sterling with Stu would be in baseball’s best interests.
  12. We chewed a lot of Betel Nut and Cosmic Cookies!
  13. This has all been so cosmically stupid, if Sternberg keeps it up, we won't be able to say OITGDNHL around here anymore.
  14. Just an off-topic observation: Sternberg is quite a charming fellow. His address today was impressive, as he laid out his position without weasel words. I have read a suggestion that, in his frankness, he may have said too much and perhaps admitted having broken the terms of his lease with St. Petersburg. But for me he made a good impression, coming across not as a smarmy huckster, but, rather, as a sincere guy who is out of options, and who is ready to give this unusual approach a try.
  15. Warriors. Even the home jersey they wore at the last regular season game at the Oracle were of the 2000s variety instead of the late 90s one.
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  17. PRAIRIE VIEW A&M This concept is heavily based from their last Russell uniforms (sans white helmets). It's definitely a huge improvement from their bland Adidas uniforms. Though it's not heavily used in athletics, PVAMU's academic logo is added on the sides of the pants.
  18. I blame Abudadein’s machinations. He used a Bostonian carpetbagger (that term gets thrown around A LOT with Stu) to bring his devilish machinations to Florida! Florida Championship Wrestling was a fairly overlooked-yet-influential territory, BTW.
  19. Hate to bust the bubble, but...
  20. It's the humidity. It drives people to do crazy things.
  21. I never have seen that logo in the background with the bridge in the basketball. Not bad. Needs to be added to the mothership
  22. IIRC, there was a rumor during Edsall's first run at UConn that he didn't like/want red in the uniforms. Which is why they wore blue, white and gray during that time despite the rest of the school's teams having red as an accent color. Looks like he dropped red the first chance he got. Guess we know his gang affiliation lol j/k
  23. They are going with “Governor” as far as I know. I mean, idk man. Like BBTV said, I get it and as a middle class white male, I can’t tell anyone of any other race what they should and shouldn’t be offended about. But this seems like a bit much. I write for some local newspapers. The person signing my check owns the business. He is the owner, it’s how it’s listed on the masthead. I write about various businesses around town. Most in charge call themselves the business owner. Occasionally, there’s a founder/co-founder, but I find that usually find that with charities or clubs or whatever. They bought the team with their money. They own the team. They’re the owner. They bought and own the franchise. They employ the players. They own the organization. But if there’s enough of the league that sees it as a problem, then yeah shareholder or governor also works. IDK, to me, it also feels like this isn’t something that needed to be announced in any form. They could have just done it and then only answered to it when someone noticed. Because now they're going to have to deal with plenty of the “snowflake” insult crowd. Bigger headache than it needed to be
  24. You’ve read my mind. I hate their current road hat and was glad they updated the road alt and thought it would be a perfect fit.
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