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NFL Nike Concepts by aawagner011- Falcons, Steelers, Giants, Bears, Browns


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I designed a new set of Falcons unis to coincide with the opening of the new stadium. The designs are fairly modern and take inspiration from the Falcons logo...however, this is a much different approach than you typically see, such as when part of the wing is cut out and used as a stripe.

The color scheme reverts to the throwback set with a red lid and black primary jersey. The angular stripes were actually derived from the 2016 Pro Bowl uniforms, but I thought they worked perfectly here. A lot of the design is abstract, though there are definite cues taken from the rest of the brand identity...lots of harsh, angular lines, font similar to the wordmark, etc. You'll see no arbitrary design decisions here, like the Buccaneers digital clock numbers, reflective trim, the Jaguars gradient helmet, and so on. A red sock option will always be used when black pants are worn.

My favorite of the six designs is the all-white option!

UPDATE: Revision 2.0 is uploaded a few posts down.



All black home




Black pants away


Red alternate


Red alternate with black pants


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I gotta agree with above… That being said, that is one of the best concepts and most unique concepts I have seen in a while. Maybe the helmet stripe could be fixed to match the jersey..

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Ok, now that I've taken in y'all's comments and seen the concept from afar (instead of zoomed in close), I can see the issue a bit better. I will be revising it with a narrowing stripe and reposting all six versions. Should have it up within 20-30 min.

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I really like this concept, but I think the sleeves look funny on the red and white jerseys. It's a jarring stop on the front, and only kinda works on the back. it looks too much like the old, but doesn't exactly fit, and it doesn't exactly fit the new one, either. Plus, you're keeping that great Falcons logo on black, where it nearly disappears. Eliminate the black side panels and make them match the jersey color and I think this is a real winner.

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I've said this before... The logo looks a lot better on a red helmet than it does on a black helmet. You've pretty much proved my point there. :D

The entire concept is/would be a major upgrade over their current uniforms.

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