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MLS by New Era - New Template


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So a conversation between my friend Gus and I about caps went something like this.

"Do you have a cap template?"
"Yeah, but it's not great. I may make a new one"

And sure enough, that's what I did. I took a little break from my Yakball thread since it wasn't getting notes(but should) to make a new cap template. I copied the New Era cap preview on their site and created this. Here's a basic look at it.


The conversation with Gus started because we both thought it would be cool if New Era and Major League Soccer teamed up and made caps using initials, or partial logos of the crest. Over time, they'd become iconic, and recognizable like MLB caps.

So here are 20 MLS 59Fifties



Download the template here

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Thanks guys. I may do Atlanta and Minnesota ones if you want.

I don't have any plans for other leagues cause it was hard enough to figure out what part of the logo to use on some

I went blue and black for the quakes because of the pattern to the right side f the crest. Montreal's Fleur was in blue so I felt like that'd be a better option than SJ's

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Holy :censored: . I would buy that NYCFC cap in a heartbeat - the monogram was made for that.

You've got the wrong MLS logo for them, though. It should be double-blue.


A bunch of yours are off, actually. Here's the full list, minus the expansion clubs (and including Chivas for the anachronism):


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Any tips for how much and what type of transforming (rotate, skew etc.) to use on the logos on the front of the cap to make them look right? Do you do the same to each logo or does it change depending on the logo?

Great work as always, Raysox.

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@Gothamite thanks! Yeah I had that image loaded and somewhere along the way it was deleted, so I just kept going without it. There's a few I don't particularly like because I feel the lines should be darker than the inside colors, so the hats reflect that. Also I wasn't sure if that was an official image.

@marble okay so what I do is line it up, then skew it so the left side goes up, and the right goes down. It's slight, but the angle is like that. For the wider logos, I would pinch the sides in a little. The stitches behind the logo help because they're straight, so use them when you're figuring out if he crest is lined up

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