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Future of NFL "Color Rush"


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"event" jerseys for super bowl teams in the near future seems like a nike thing to do

I think this might be cool, as long as they don't go overboard. Gold swooshes might look cool. And seeing from the College football Playoff this may soon be a reality.

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1 hour ago, kixbinder5 said:

I think the Lions will go with either a new blue as an alternate, or a silver. Whichever isn't their new alt will probe be their color rush

How do we know that the new alternate isn't simply the Color Rush set that is already planned for all teams next year?

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My Predictions 

Bills v. Jets- same as last year

Patriots (All-Navy/All-Red) @. Texans (All-Navy/All-Red)

Bengals (Orange) @ Dolphins (Aqua)

49ers (Gold) @ Cardinals  (Red or Black) 

Chargers (Powder Blue) @ Broncos (Orange)

Bears (Navy) @ Packers (Yellow)

Rams (Yellow) @ Giants (Red)

Titans v. Jaguars- same as last year. 

Bucs (Pewter) @ Falcons (Red)

Ravens (Black) @ Browns  (Orange) 

Panthers (Blue) @ Saints (Black)

Vikings (Purple) @ Cowboys (White)

Chiefs (Red) @ Raiders (Black)

Seahawks (Volt) @ Rams (Blue)

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19 minutes ago, Germanshepherd said:

Maybe, but I doubt the NFL would allow for a Blue/Midnight Green and a Blue/Purple matchup. I don't know why the Jets would wear a white color rush and the Falcons' owner said that the color rush unis would be red, but some of these could be legit. 

I was thinking that the outline colors would be the colors of the uniforms. I think every color matchup would make sense.

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