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The Road to Omaha: The 2017 NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread


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It's that time again for the Road to Omaha. The 16 hosts for the regional round were named today. They are (In alphabetical order)





-Florida State



-Long Beach State



-North Carolina

-Oregon State

-Southern Mississippi



-Texas Tech

-Wake Forest


This is a nice mix of teams from the South and the West for hosts this year.

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Even though this is later then I would of gotten to it, but the bracket is out.


First off, the 8 national seeds:


1. Oregon State

2. North Carolina

3. Florida

4. LSU

5. Texas Tech

6. TCU

7. Louisville

8. Stanford


Super Regional #1 - Corvallis vs. Clemson

Corvallis: Oregon State, Nebraska, Yale, Holy Cross

Clemson: Clemson, Vanderbilt, St. John's, UNC Greensboro


Super Regional #2 - Long Beach vs. Stanford

Long Beach: Long Beach State, Texas, UCLA, San Diego State

Stanford: Stanford, Cal State Fullerton, BYU, Sacramento State


Super Regional #3 - Lubbock vs. Tallahassee

Lubbock: Texas Tech, Arizona, Sam Houston State, Delaware

Tallahassee: Florida State, UCF, Auburn, Tennessee Tech


Super Regional #4 - Hattiesburg vs. Baton Rouge

Hattiesburg: Southern Mississippi, Mississippi State, South Alabama, Illinois-Chicago

Baton Rouge: LSU, Southeastern Louisiana, Rice, Texas Southern


Super Regional #5 - Winston-Salem vs. Gainesville

Winston-Salem: Wake Forest, West Virginia, Maryland, UMBC

Gainesville: Florida, South Florida, Bethune-Cookman, Marist


Super Regional #6 - Fayetteville vs. Fort Worth

Fayetteville: Arkansas, Missouri State, Oklahoma State, Oral Roberts

Fort Worth: TCU, Virginia, Dallas Baptist, Central Connecticut State


Super Regional #7 - Lexington vs. Louisville

Lexington: Kentucky, Indiana, North Carolina State, Ohio

Louisville: Louisville, Oklahoma, Xavier, Radford


Super Regional #8 - Houston vs. Chapel Hill

Houston: Houston, Baylor, Texas A&M, Iowa

Chapel Hill: North Carolina, Florida Gulf Coast, Michigan, Davidson

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Top 2 seeds Oregon State and UNC didn't even make the tourney last year...talk about a swing.


Im happy for USF, 2nd straight year in the tourney and playing in the Gainesville regional.  2 beatable teams in the group, and then theres Florida.  USF beat Florida earlier this year in a midweek game, so the Bulls didn't play the rotation pitchers.  Should be a fun one.



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We have our first Super Regional entrant in Cal State Fullerton. The Titans beat Stanford last night to win the regional and moves on to face the winner of the Long Beach Regional, which Texas has control of.


Oh, and who knew Davidson was capable of this? 2 wins over two good teams in North Carolina and Florida Gulf Coast and are now a win from the Supers.

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All Big West matchup in the Super Regionals as the Dirtbags knock off the Longhorns on back-to-back nights. What tension in the ultimately 3-game set between LBSU and Texas.


Fullerton vs Long Beach at Blair Field next weekend, and you best know I'll be there. GO BEACH!

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The Super Regional Round is now set..


-Vanderbilt at Oregon State

-Cal State Fullerton at Long Beach State

-Sam Houston State at Florida State

-Mississippi State at LSU

-Davidson at Texas A&M

-Kentucky at Louisville

-Missouri State at TCU

-Wake Forest at Florida


The SEC is the big winner with 6 teams in this round, but you have a nice mix with two from the Big West (meeting each other no less), the ACC with three teams and then five other conferences (Atlantic 10, Big XII, Missouri Valley, Pac-12 and Southland) having one team in.


The dates have just been announced. The series in red begins on Friday while the series in blue begins on Saturday.

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The Supers have very anti-dramatic with the host team winning 6 of the 7 series (Cal State Fullerton being the only road team to win and have be all three games).


So, the field is mostly set for Omaha...


-Oregon State vs. Cal State Fullerton

-Florida State vs. LSU

-Texas A&M vs. Louisville

-TCU vs. Wake Forest/Florida winner


(Wake and Florida will finish Game 2 today with Wake up 5-4 in the 5th. Should Wake win, Game 3 is immediately after the conclusion of Game 2)

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I watched a few games of the Big Ten tournament, and I hadn't noticed anything unusual at first (IU-Michigan game IIRC)...that is, until I noticed the "dirt" was kicking up no dust.  Couple that with the bits and pieces of the Houston regional, and that weird black mound.  Don't get me wrong, I'm no newbie to college ball, this has just been the first time I really noticed this...dirt that's not dirt.  :ninja: To anybody who actually played competitive baseball, would a black mound like Houston's seem distracting, at least at first, or would it actually be easier on a batter's eye than the usual dirt mounds?


Go TCU...America needs to know how Schwarberish Luken Baker is!

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