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Bizarre Athlete Endorsements


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Floyd Mayweather and  Luis Suarez have recently endorsed crypto-currencies. 




And of course, Joe Namath endorsed panty hose in 1974.


And Wilt Chamberlain endorsed a children's laxative with his Mom.


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2 hours ago, ZipperClub said:



Most Cleveland natives 30+ remember Julian Tavarez shilling for BW-3. Alas, I’ve never seen the commercial online. “It’s not HOOlian, it’s JEWlian.”

The main thing I remember Julian Tavarez for is throwing every pitch around 110 MPH in Triple Play 98. Danny Darwin had a 110-MPH curve and John Wasdin a 110-MPH change, but with Julian it was every pitch he threw.


As far as hair transplants go, there have been plenty of athletes endorsing those lately. Most football: Urlacher, Welker, Sebastian Vollmer, Ninkovitch (sp.?), Chris Gronk...also hasn't Walt Frazier been doing TV commercials for years for Bosley or Hair Club or one of those companies?

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1 hour ago, mjd77 said:

I can't be the only one that thinks Urlacher actually looks better bald.

He does. If he is going to have hair he needs a lower hairline. It's impossible to tell just how much hair loss he had before the transplant, because he always kept his head shaven so cleanly. Perhaps they used up all that was available just to give him what you see in the pic...

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