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Professional Lacrosse Changes


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3 hours ago, 4_tattoos said:

The smoke graphic at the bottoms of the Cannons jerseys would look better paired up with white shorts.


Makes it look like their laundry guy got a little careless with the bleach.

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11 hours ago, nash61 said:

Also an alternate logo that I didn't know existed.


That's pretty much just the head of the snake from the primary logo.


Much bigger fan of the front facing snake head featured on a Whipsnakes t-shirt from the league's first season. That would be a much better helmet logo that the "whips" word mark IMO


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If there's one thing I'd change about the PLL, I'd limit the teams to just one set of helmets. Helmet color choice can drastically improve or ruin how a team looks week to week.


Like today. The Whipsnakes always look bad in their white helmets!



If it were up to me, the PLL helmets would be...

  • Archers: navy blue
  • Atlas: Honestly, they're the only team in the league who's look isn't effected by the alternating helmets IMO. Could go with either the white or powder blue for them.
  • Cannons: gray but change the facemask color to red
  • Chaos: red
  • Chrome: black
  • Redwoods: white but change the facemask color to green
  • Waterdogs: purple
  • Whipsnakes: teal, but change the facemask dark green (the masks could already be dark green, but they always look black on TV. If that's the case adjust the shade of the mask to look closer to the green in the logo)
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  • 2 weeks later...

New white/light uniforms for Chrome debuted today.




SN: I don't know when PLL's uniform deal with Adidas ends, but it may be safe to assume Champion will become the official uniform provider at some point in the future. The current deal with Champion covers every other clothing and apparel aspect of the PLL outside of the game uniforms and practice jerseys (players have been wearing Champion shorts and undershirts in practice). Adidas used to be the all around provider for the league until this season. 


I know Champion is a fashion brand for the most part these days, but at one point in time they were one of the old big three of american sports uniform providers (Champion, Wilson and Russell Athletic) before the shoe companies got involved and took over. Outside of that fan controlled football league, does Champion still even make uniforms at any level? I know their old fitness apparel brand C9 was sold in Target stores for a long time, and now is exclusive to Amazon. So they clearly still make athletic apparel. But I literally haven't  seen a Champion brand sports uniform in about 20 years.

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28 minutes ago, tigers said:

Why do they not have Area names and only the nicknames?

Because the league is a touring league, none of the teams have home cities to use as a geographic name.

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6 minutes ago, tigers said:


Thanks for that.

Do they all play one after the other or do they spread them round?

The league visits one city at a time and every team plays a game there.

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2 minutes ago, tigers said:



Do they draw decent crowds?

Are the games on at seperate time slots?

Do they televise it?


Sorry for all these questions

I don't know, I don't watch it. I'm sure you could find answers to these questions if you google it.

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