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Professional Lacrosse Changes


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Another team wearing black as their predominant color. The Wings, Vancouver, and Panther City (I still hate saying this name) all have black uniforms. Not a huge number but it is close to a quarter of the league. I'm sure that the Las Vegas team will wear black too.

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From the Twitter and Facebook responses, this Roughnecks rebrand is not being received all that well.


The jerseys are really just the Coyotes old jerseys.




This is also interesting.


Derrick was the old mascot before CSEC switched him with Howie the Honey Badger, I believe to keep with CSEC's apparent team name-unrelated animal mascot mandate the same time that "honey badger don't give a..." video was viral (neither of those is a joke). From my understanding, the Howie switch was not well liked by Roughneck fans, it wasn't liked by me as a casual fan, and Derrick has been wanted back pretty much ever since he left.


Howie was still there for the unveiling and this Derrick tweet didn't happen until well later in the day, so maybe they'll be going with two mascots now?

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7 hours ago, Burmy said:

I'm still mad they decided to ignore their fans and not bring back the Attack (despite the fact that it had 90% of the votes in the name-the-team finals poll)


Wasn't it a part of the deal to keep wolves?

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