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"Embroidery" technique


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I was messing around in Photoshop, and managed to get the following effect using a combination of noise, motion blur, beveling and "satin" on an otherwise flat .gif:


Can anybody offer me any tips to improve the technique?

damn. quoting Sammy Sosa, "it's SOOOO real!":D

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I wouldnt go so far as to say it was perfection, but it is DAMN good. I'm pretty dern handly at photoshop, and I havent been able to come up with anythign that good yet.


SPEECH! :notworthy:

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hes disappeared. :D

No, sorry, I didn't disappear.

Here are the basics of what I did:

Start with a logo or shape. Seperate the various colors into seperate layers using the magic wand. For the sake of simplicity, I'm only going to show you one color:


Duplcate each color's layer and make them white. I used the Hue/Saturation controls to do this:


Working with the "white" layer, select all (control-click on the layer in the layers palette) and add noise:


Then, still working with the "white" layer, select the layer using control-click add a motion blur:


Set the layer's blending mode to Mulitply, Overlay or Color Burn (depending on how it looks to you). For this, I chose Multiply:


To be continued...

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That IS great, now the second test is whether you can mock the chainstitch effect that some MLB teams use on their uniforms. I know the Astros for one use it; I'm sure other teams do as well... it basically has the "loopy" look of the varsity letter on your old high school jacket, if anyone knows what I'm talking about...

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Now you go back to working with the "color" layer...apply a bevel using settings like these. The important thing is to set the "Highlight Mode" color to be the same as the color of the layer you're working with...adjust the Depth, Size, Higlight Mode Opacity and Shadow Mode Opacity to taste:


I also used the "satin" overlay, to help give it a bit of a shine...


And I wound up with this:


I'm still experimenting with this, but I'll be sure to share any refinements I come up with.

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a few links with other stitch Tuts:




and this:

"We are unaware of a filter or effect that accomplishes this in a single application. However, the Alien Skin "Xenofex " plug-in has a "fir" filter and several background effects that look just like embroidered stitches. You could start there. The embroider industry has software that actually converts an image to stitches but I do not know if that actually shows the stitches.

Simulating stitches would be difficult because of the way the light reflects off the shiny silk thread used in most embroidery machines."

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Here's my attempt at the exact same process.

The problem I had was because of the amount of white so it's not quite as good, but looks pretty good to me.

Keep in mind the background is just a solid color, no effects.


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