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Final Four Predictions?


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i know it's tedious without the regions, but still pretty fun. Who do you guys think will be in the Final Four when it's all said and done? Here's my list:

Wake Forest

North Carolina


Texas (they're really young but i like the fact that they have lotsa bangers, ball-handlers, and good depth)

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Syracuse (cuse I'm a homer too :) , right Waffles?)

Ugh...yesterday was rough...

Is it just me or have Chevy Troutman, Chris Taft and Carl Krauser been at Pitt forever? It's gotta be at least 6 years at this point. Can someone look into this? Please? Before we have to play them again, preferably?

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It does feel like they've been there forever, Troutman and Kruaser anyway.

Taft's got what, two more years left if he doesn't jump? Man, he could eat us up!

Somehow I knew The 'Cuse would lose that game after I saw the Rutgers match on Monday.

Waffles has told me, and ESPN Gameday reported this yesterday, that SU is attempting to break the all-time NCAA on campus attendence mark when they host Notre Dame this Saturday(BOOO!) on a day when GAMEDAY will be there.. The Dome has already sold 30K tickets...just 3.5 K or so more to go fellow Orange supporters. BTW, Syracuse fans currently hold the record so they should be commended for trying to break their own.

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After watching Texas get absolutely manhandled by my Jayhawks I wouldn't be putting them anywhere near the final four :D

Illinois(the best team in the country, and this from a Kansas fan)

North Carolina(the second best team in the country, again from a Kansas fan)

Louisville(My sleeper)

Kansas(No explanation needed)

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